When you visit a theme park, playing a game on your smart phone might be the furthest thing from your mind. You want to ride roller-coasters, eat delicious treats, and hang out with friends. Except, if you love to play Pokemon Go and discover how awesome catching Pokemon in a theme park can be.

Theme parks have so many points of interest that are pokestops. Most rides, restaurants and points of interest have several. If you're looking to maximize the number of Pokemon you find, make sure you're positioned well between these stops. For instance, the front of Universal Studios Orlando has many pokestops among the park entrance, the Hard Rock cafe and the iconic Universal globe, which is a gym.

You could sit off to one side and benefit.

Save your lures

Even if you're lucky enough to have a lure module in your items list, do not waste it at a theme park. Fortunately, other players will use their lures so you don't have to use yours. With so many visitors each day, you benefit from accessing lure module after lure module on your phone without having to use a single item.

It's probably worth using an incense or lucky egg while you sit between several lures. Sure, you can use these items at home to attract Pokemon when there aren't any, but you'll only get a few Pokemon total. A quick YouTube search reveals that using an incense while sitting near a bunch of lure modules at a theme park nets you Pokemon after Pokemon for a full 30 minutes.

Do supply walks

One of the best ways to use your time at a theme park is to stock up on pokeballs. With so many pokestops right next to each other, you can earn pokeballs at every single pokestop. By the time you make it back to the first, enough time will pass that you can do it again. This way, you'll always be ready to catch pokemon.

Does it make sense to spend more than $100 to catch Pokemon in a theme park? That depends on your commitment and your smart phone's battery life. You could opt to buy an annual pass, if you're close enough, which is more cost-effective. You could play only on lines or during breaks or until your phone dies. Whatever way you choose, theme parks make it easy to catch a lot of Pokemon.