Scented candles in your home could be putting you and your family at more health risks than you are aware of. Just about everyone loves scented candles, that add a certain hominess to your house, makes it smell inviting and wonderful.But they could be putting you and yours at risk for some dangerous health risks.

Your favorite home decor could put you at risk for health problems.

New studies have revealed that scented candles are causing lung damage and birth defects among other nasty issues according to the reports. But that is not the only things in your home that could be putting you at risk.

Other dangerous products found in your home include

Other dangerous products found in your home include scented aerosol sprays, gels, and plug-ins are all full of nasty demons which may cause lung damage and tumors, interfere with our hormones, and cause lifelong problems such as asthma.

One of the worst parts recently discovered is that you do not even have to be burning these candles to cause health hazards, just having them in your presence can still cause health issues by "simple evaporation" can release air pollutants which could change the structure in you DNA in some cases.

Pregnant women need to take extra precautions.

Pregnant women need to be extra cautious, evidence suggests that the hazardous substances can affect hormones, and in turn, cause problems with babies hormonal development.

If freshening up the air in your home is a must do for you,like most, here are a couple of suggestions for alternative measures.

For sprayed scents,get away from the aerosols and check out pure essential oil mists instead. The oils are distilled from flowers, lavender, and jasmine, woods, such as sandalwood and cedar, leaves and resins.

You can find most essential oils at independent drug stores or on Amazon.

Safer options are available.

As for candle options, change over to soy, or beeswax candles scented with essential oils. You can find your favorite scents at and

Wooden cedar blocks and sachets of natural dried flowers or herbs also add fragrance visit for details and materials to make your own, they also make great gifts.

Never too soon to start thinking about the holidays.

Last, but not last, a very effective way to freshen your home boil cinnamon and cloves in a pan of water to add a spicy, comfy scent.

Another useful tip, if you have issues with mice, it is said thatbyboiling peppermint oil will send then running out of your house.

The intrusive critters are said to hate the smell, and will do anything to avoid it. Not 100 percent how this works, but some mouse experts claim it is a great de-mouser.

Hope this information helps those who think twice before lighting up their favorite scented candles, the key to your good health may very well lie in your own hands.