Alanis Morissette has more than 10 years since I agree animal products. Initially, she gave up meat because it seemed barbaric to have on the table a mammal.

In the morning a glass of almond milk, wholemeal biscuit, vegetable juice, fruit juice with all the pulp, dried fruit. Lunch is composed of cooked soybeans in many ways and imitating somehow 'traditional' meat meal plus salad. And in the evening eat tofu or vegetable salads.

'' I feel I have power, I move easily and I'm very sorry that was enough years that I consumed meat. | I regret that my plate was found on so-called long American tradition indicating at least a slice of meat at all meals.

It seems to me that we harm ourselves with this way of thinking, '' she said in an interview.

And Demi Moore has changed habits with age. Radical changes concerning body aesthetics that defies time. Why not complemented by changes in diets ?, seems to have said the actress before she married Ashton Kutcher.

They sat together for a few years now working legally divorced, but Demi go forward with her strict vegetarian diets. It's so strict that not even accept an egg powder from an ordinary cake.

A little oil, some spices and these are her meals, day by day, year by year. When daughters are visiting, invariably control their food because "the mother, it comes at a lettuce leaf ', they say with irony.

Mother avoids including restaurants which are found in the drop menus with a mouse containing animal protein.

Jessica Chastain is also adept plant food, but also a fan of raw food. '' How do I prepare food? Easy! '' She says in an interview. '' I take vegetables, one from each category, as vegetarians secret lies in diversity '.

Put cauliflower eg in the food processor, combine it with many seeds, plants spicy Asian or Indian. What do you think comes out? The best vegetable paste that you have ever tasted.It's hearty and delicious. The feeding raw food is not permitted even bread cooked in the oven. And "the bread 'are actually dehydrated vegetables and mashed, mixed with various herbs.

Alicia Silverstone celebrates 38 years this year and wants to taste the traditionally youth without saying. Do not drink alcohol, do not smoke, do not miss the nights, do not eat any piece of meat, no eggs, dairy cow has at least one hour a day intended îngrjirii personal and at least one hour in 24 that makes something I am pleased at how selfish. It sounds like a true lifestyle!

Here and rules that guide their food. Vegetables and fruits they consume must be collected no more than 2 days if they consume fresh. If they are frozen, they consume immediately after they have reached room temperature. Do not consume canned sterilized under any circumstances. | In respect of cereals, they are made ​​from highly reliable sources, as housed in warm and humid, can develop a strong toxin which is directly linked with liver cancer.

So cereals, bio obviously must} held after the harvest in paper bags, in cold 6-10 degrees Celsius.

Natalie Portman is also adept vegetarian recipes. But for now it has not become a fan of the kitchen at home, but his carefully choose restaurants that prepare food in a highly controlled manner. All raw food is the star first opinion and then proceed to the preparation cooks delicious vegetarian varieties. Natalie are prepared daily for three main courses.

In the morning it's time for an oil fruits milk with honey and cereal. At lunch always eat a starch - be it potato, corn, and chickpeas, beans or peas, soups cooking as juices seasoned with citrus salad with arugula or bamboo shoots. And in the evening it's time for root vegetables, spicy. And it's a fan of sweets, two snacks a day are provided with the help fruit compote possible and in ingenious combinations with milk mousse cashew nuts, almonds or nuts and seasonal fruits.