The motivation for the wearing of braces and getting a perfect smile is different depending on the patient. At the age of adolescence delicate concern for their image and the need for social integration is very high.

The teenager wants beautiful pictures on Facebook, wants to be accepted into the group of friends wants a look enviable among them. Young people want to have more chances to interview and personal life, but are interested in dental health, some of whom were already informed that untreated orthodontic problems lead to periodontitis and other complications.

Wearing braces even became a trend among children and youth. Fixed dental braces are becoming more aesthetic, ceramic and sapphire brackets almost invisible making them very easily accepted by patients. Fixed dental braces with metal brackets and colored sofas are also very popular with teenagers.

There are also apparatus and tongue (attached to the inside of the tooth) or treatment with a series of trays transparent, but they are shown in a few cases more expensive.

What does it means wearing braces?

The duration of orthodontic treatment depends on the severity of the case, the patient's age etc. and an average of 1.5-2 years. For minor dental crowding, orthodontic treatment lasts several months, while for severe malocclusions, orthodontic treatment duration may exceed 2 years.

Immediately after application of fixed orthodontic appliance there is a period of 0-5 days, which may appear a slight discomfort to pain in the teeth, because teeth are not used to traction. This discomfort is felt only after applying the device, not every monthly activation and can be removed by administering painkillers. Also, some patients may show little cheeks and lips lesions caused by the presence of brackets, but they disappear in a few days, as the patient gets used to the braces.

A solution to avoid such injuries is the application of a special wax, for a few days in the brackets disturbing.

Throughout the treatment the patient should avoid eating hard or sticky foods to not loosen brackets and must have a very good dental hygiene.