Lately we hear more and more talk of almonds. Serve salad with almonds, almond pate rejoice, almond milk. What can I say of sweet raw vegan recipes that abound about almonds. Delicious and healthy. Behold, easy-easy, almonds began to make constant part of our shopping basket. But this time, we talk about roasted nuts, raw almonds. Because they have all the benefits which I will outline below.

Almonds are small, hard, sweet and with many properties andhealth benefits and beauty.And, like all nuts fear bringus extra pounds, I say from the start that these wonderful nuts do not contain carbohydrates.

So it does not get fat, but also helps us to get slimmer. But, of course, moderation must be present and in which the consumption of almonds.

Technical details: the almonds are eaten raw. That means, if you are not thermally processed (fried or boiled), they retain all the nutrients, vitamins and enzymes. But the best way to consume almonds is hydration. That means, every time we want to prepare something with almonds must leave at least 8 hours prior hydrated.

Here are 10 of the most important benefits that almonds bring to you:

1. Are rich in vitamin E so helping to improve the appearance ofskin,hair and nails, however, contain a large amount of calcium forbones strengthening.

2. Although very small, almonds have a high content of fiber and protein.

For example, a quarter cup of almonds contains 7.62 grams of protein.

3. By eating 10 fruits a day we have the equivalent of a plate of spinach, because theseare a great source of iron, which helps in the production and increasing the number of red blood cells.

4. Due to the optimum content of calories between meals can be eaten, especially by people who follow a diet.

5. Regular consumption of almonds helps preventing anemia.

6. The shell frutishave identified 20 flavonoids with powerful antioxidant effect.

7. Daily consumption of almonds helps to improve memory. Remember though that should be eaten on an empty stomach.

8. Almond leaves are used for medicinal purposes. Almond leaf tea has sedative properties which helps in relaxing and soothing.

9. Almondsare extremely versatile because they can consume in ways both savory dishes and sweets.

10. Almond oil is used in hair care and skin as hair roots and nourishes both hair and skin regains its glow. We can also use to remove dry skin on the hands and feet.