It's been a while since we had a Nintendo Direct broadcast. But this month's Indie World Showcase brought out the indies with satisfyingly new indie Video Games coming to the Nintendo Switch, most of which are single-player driven.

The Livestream

The summary

  • 'Road 96' - This is a story-driven game involving a hitchhiker hitting the road for a misadventure. The player will discover new locales, interact with several personalities and engage in various situations--some dangerous--on the journey. The game will be available on the Switch later in 2021.

  • "Ariel_Knight's Never Yield" (May 19) - Another endless runner is coming to Switch soon. This 3D side-scroller game takes place in Tokyo-style Detroit where the player's character, Wally has regained what was taken from him and now must outrun his enemies using parkour maneuverability. Players will be running, jumping, sliding, and dashing through the city while listening to a hip-hop-inspired soundtrack next month.

  • "Last Stop" (July 2021) - From the creators of the award-winning "Virginia" comes a single-player third-person adventure set in present-day London featuring three unique protagonists, each with their own evolving story arc.

  • "Hindsight" (TBA 2021) - From the creator of Prune, Hindsight is a narrative exploration game that spans a woman's entire life, from her birth to the present day. As the female, the player must return home and search for clues to unravel her own life's mysteries.

  • "OlliOlli World" (Winter 2021) - This one's a colorful single-player-driven, 2D side-scrolling skateboard game where players venture through the world of Redland by grinding and flipping across levels. The player can meet new friends, customize their character’s looks, tricks, and style.

  • "The Longing" - This next title is a pretty odd one. "The Longing" is a single-player-driven game featuring a mix of adventure and idle gameplay. As a Shade, the player must wait for the return of its King after a 400-day slumber, counting down the moment it starts. The game offers freedom with its playstyle and doesn't even have to be played up until zero hour.

  • "There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension" (April 14) - A comical point & click single-player adventure that drags the player's reluctant character across various worlds and must find their way back. the art style is flat and pixelated but in a beautiful way.

  • "TMNT: Shredder's Revenge" (TBA 2021) - Already announced before the live stream, this is a throwback to the classic 4-player arcade beat-em-up starring the titular crime-fighting team. Thank goes out to Dotemu for this blast from the past.

  • "Cris Tales" (July 2020) - There aren't enough RPGs for the Switch to handle. "Cris Takes" features a combination of innovative combat and classic RPG mechanics as well as a branching narrative to keep the player glued. The story involves heroes uniting to thwart an evil Time Empress from bringing about a cataclysm that would wipe out the world of Crystallis.

  • GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon" (TBA 2022) - Big industry player Konami presents a rogue-like hack-and-slash action game in a dark fantasy setting. The player will embark on a journey through the underworld to slay its denizens by combining unique weapons and equipment for devastating attacks.

  • "Aztech Forgotten Gods" (Fall 2021) - This next game is described as a 3D "cyber-stone action-adventure." The player takes on the role of a young woman named Achtli who must traverse a far-future Mesoamerican metropolis and do battle with hulking forgotten Gods in order to discover the truth.

  • "Skul: The Hero Slayer" (Summer 2021) - This rogue-like 2D platformer was already announced ahead of this live stream but is looking just as fun and daring. in it, players will lead Skul on a quest to rescue his captive King from the Imperial army. Combat is as swift as it's smart in this indie title.

  • "art of rally" - From the creator of "Absolute Drift" comes a new stylish top-down racer that draws inspiration from the golden era of the rally. The player will race across the globe in vintage vehicles ranging from the '60s to the '80s.

  • "KeyWe" (August 2021) - This is a cutesy 2 player co-op puzzle game involving the mail and birds, no, seriously! The players cast as Jeff and Debra, two small kiwi birds must see to it that the mail keeps going out despite having no hands. Working together, they must peck, flap, and butt slam levers across several levels to make it through the day.

  • "Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective" (Spring 2021) - Based on the popular children's book series, this is a hidden object-style puzzle game featuring mazer-like inhabitants with hidden clues to find.

  • "Waving Tides" (May 2021) - Another single-player adventure set in a woven world. The player can ride on magical carpet dragons to soar or dive under the weave to explore dungeons, solve puzzles and do battle with extraordinary creatures.

  • "THE HOUSE OF DEAD: Remake" (TBA 2021) - It's the return of the 1997 arcade classic on the Nintendo Switch. Prepare to blast away at waves of the undead again in this remake to the first-person rail shooter but with modern graphics.

  • "ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights" (June 21) - This is a 2D dark fantasy RPG with zombies. Yes, zombies! The player will take on the role of a young girl named Lily who after awakening in a post-apocalyptic world must journey to face the undead monstrosities and turn them into allies upon releasing them from their curse.

  • "Beasts of Maravilla Island" (June 2021) - Nintendo's upcoming "Pokemon Snap" could have some competition. "Beasts of Maravilla Island" is a 3D adventure game from Banana Bird Studios starring a wildlife photographer out to snap some exotic creatures on the island of Maravilla Island to discover extraordinary creatures and photograph their glory.

  • "FEZ' (Now available) - Another classic has arrived on the Switch and its none other than "FEZ." Polytron's 2D/3D puzzle-platformer that lets players mess with space and time is already available now for download.

  • "OXENFREE II: Lost Signals" (TBA 2021) - Last on the list is another single-player adventure game centered around a mystery. As Riley, the player will return to their hometown to uncover the secret behind mysterious radio signals but get more than they bargained for.