Indie game developers and fans are in for an exciting week as Nintendo gears up for its next online presentation featuring a slew of indie titles for the Nintendo Switch. The Japanese behemoth will broadcast another Nindies Showcase this Wednesday, August 30.

The Nindies Summer Showcase livestream will kick off at 1 PM ET at, Nintendo announced on Twitter. It will focus on several Indie Games that are headed to the Switch, though the company didn’t give a hint which ones will be presented.

One last hurrah for summer

Despite the stream broadcasting just two days before September begins, Nintendo is calling it a “summer showcase.” In their defense though, fall doesn’t technically begin until the middle of September, so yes, there’s still summer left.

Having left out what’s going to be presented, GameSpot names “Yooka-Laylee” and “Stardew Valley” among the number of “potential” indie titles to be included in the Nintendo Switch roster. The developers of both games, Playtonic and Chucklefish, have announced a Nintendo Switch version for their games, apparently. This is, of course, unofficial, so it is best to take this news as pure speculation.

Aside from that, there’s always the prospect of new and unannounced titles being revealed during the broadcast. Previous Nindies Showcases haven’t been on the scale of Nintendo Direct live-streams, but there have been a few nice surprises in the past.

Nintendo’s February Nindies Showcase

It's not the first showcase Nintendo has hosted for its indie games.

Back in February, Nintendo held a similar event one week before the Switch officially launched. Several popular titles that were shown include “I Am Setsuna” and “Snipperclips.”

It was also in February that Nintendo confirmed 64 indie games for the Nintendo Switch. The games will hit the console throughout the year, with many slated for a summer or fall release.

The company added that new titles will launch on the eShop every week.

Nintendo at PAX West 2017

In other Nintendo news, the company will debut collectible Nintendo Power covers for the Super NES Classic Edition at this year’s PAX West. Attendees can also take on the “Super Mario Odyssey” Fan Challenge, completing certain activities related to the Nintendo Switch exclusive to receive a passport stamp. Once all stamps are collected, they can receive “a Super Mario Odyssey-themed gift."

PAX West 2017 will take place in Seattle, WA from September 1 to 4.