The latest system update version 12.0.0 for the Nintendo Switch had more contained in it than initially expected. After taking a deep dive into the firmware, a datamining group may have found information about a new dock for a newer model of the console.

Switch Pro dock outed

Datamining group OatmealDome had discovered a line of code that indicates an update for a dock codenamed "Cradle" that's linked to base hardware "Aula." If that name doesn't ring any bells, it's the supposed codename to a newer Switch model already leaked by fellow dataminer SciresM during his own excavation of previously released firmware.

Although there's the possibility that the firmware could be meant for the regular dock, this logic comes in conflict with the fact that it never received its own updates before and OatmealDome seems to agree with that.

"The Dock itself only contains USB chips, a MyDP -> HDMI converter, and flash memory to store its firmware, wrote OatmealDome via Twitter. "I’m not sure what the point of an update would be considering how basic it is inside. (As far as I’m aware, it has never received one before.)"

Besides the connection between Cradle and Aula, the group also highlighted another line of code found in the firmware about a 4K setting that reads “4kdp_preferred_over_usb30.” This code hints at what many rumors have already pointed to: a 4K capable model or as many have come to call a Nintendo Switch Pro.

"I’m NOT SAYING that this is “Prefer 4K DisplayPort over USB 3.0”. But, if it is, it makes sense. The Switch uses DP for video output, and 4K output is rumoured for the new model."

Déjà vu

This latest leak is yet another addition to the pile of supposed Switch pro rumors especially those that hinted at a new dock with 4K technology built-in.

As previously mentioned, SciresM claimed that this Aula model supports a Realtek chip that's marketed as "4K UHD multimedia SoC." To elaborate further, this chip would be contained within the dock. As for the tablet, it would have a better display, an improved chipset with a "bona fide die shrink and will be capable of "substantially better cooling and battery life.

Other rumors have pointed to the Switch Pro utilizing software like DLSS or Deep Learning Super Sampling used to enhance resolutions in games. These are more are pointing to the new model's 4K capability.

Realistically, all leaks and rumors collected thus far remain unconfirmed. But given the sheer volume of corresponding information taken from various sources in and out of the industry, a new Switch model with 4K graphical capability could very well be on the way. So as the old saying goes, 'Where there's smoke, there's fire!"