As promised, Square Enix has officially kicked off its own digital showcase for its future titles. The company has joined the likes of Sony with its State of Play, and Nintendo with its Nintendo Direct broadcast, making E3 seem all the more irrelevant. So how did the company's first livestream go?

A rough start

Not gonna lie, this Livestream was kinda meh. That's because it consisted mainly of mobile tie-in games and updates for pre-announced titles like "Outriders," "Final Fantasy VII," and "Balan Wonderworld" to name a few. Worse, "Final Fantasy XVI" was a no-show.

But on the bright side, the extra info did shed some new light on these games, fleshing out interesting features and showing updated gameplay. All in all, it was a very rough start for the company's first exclusive Livestream event.

Square Enix Presents Livestream

Square Enix Presents recap

  • 'Outriders' deep dive - We got another trailer and deep dive for "Outriders." Before, we knew that humanity had colonized an alien world for survival but was altered by an anomaly, giving them powers and the classes built around them. But what we didn't know was that besides hostile anomalous humans, there are also highly evolved creatures to deal with. It's coming on April 1st.

  • 'Tomb Raider Definitive Trilogy' announced - Celebrating 25 years of Lara Croft, Square Enix has announced a trilogy collection consisting of "Tomb Raider," "Rise of the Tomb Raider," and "Shadow of the Tomb Raider." Additionally, SE has also announced a TR cookbook and another crossover with "Fortnite" that will bring The Croft Manor to the game's Creative Mode.

  • 'Just Cause Mobile' Trailer - The debut trailer for the upcoming 'Just Cause Mobile' was finally revealed. Although no actual gameplay was shown, the cinematic action showed off multiplayer with vehicles, grappling hooks, and explosions--pretty much what many would come to expect from the franchise. It's out sometime this year.

  • 'Project Hitman Sniper Assassins' announced - Up next was the announcement trailer for "Project Hitman Sniper Assassins," a mobile game set in the "Hitman" universe. Besides multiplayer, this sniper mode popularized by the one from previous games will have a story. It's coming later this year.

  • 'Space Invaders AR' announced - The popular arcade phenomenon returns as an augmented reality-driven mobile game thanks to a collab with Taito. Unfortunately, no gameplay or launch date was revealed.

  • 'Touhou Spell Bubble' is getting a side story - The puzzle shooter game from Taito is getting a second side story pack. Prepare for "Side Story pack Sanae Arc" on March 25.

  • 'Darius: Cozmic Revelation' is coming to Switch and PS4 - the popular side-scrolling shooter is coming to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 n a bundle that includes "G-Darius HD" and "DariusBurst Another Chronicle EX+." Look for it in Autumn.

  • 'Bubble Bobble 4 Friends' - Square Enix has confirmed the buzz that "Bubble Bobble 4 Friends" is heading to PC via Steam. The 2d party platformer was already made available on Switch and PS4 since May 2020.

  • 'Marvel's Avengers: War for Wakanda' announced - Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics showed off the gameplay demo for the upcoming Operation: Hawkeye - Future Imperfect expansion coming to "Marvel Avengers." On top of that, the companies revealed the trailer for the game's next expansion called War for Wakanda, slated for launch later this year.

  • 'Balan Wonderworld' has co-op - The latest trailer revealed co-op play involving two players combining powers to save the day. 'Balan Wonderworld' will be available on March 26.

  • 'Life is Strange: True Colors' and Remastered Collection announced - The third installment to the popular episodic adventure series won't be episodic like its predecessors. It's set in a new town with a new female protagonist coping with the loss of her older brother by using psychic powers. On top of that, its collector's edition will include the "Life is Strange Remastered Collection," a bundle that includes the remastered "Life is Strange" and "Before the Storm." It's launching on Sep 9.

  • 'Project Athia' is now 'Forsaken' - Square Enix finally revealed the official name for its upcoming next-gen adventure game. "Forsaken" stars famous female actor Ella Balinska as Athia, a modern-day girl who somehow wound up in a fantasy world and must master magic to survive in it.