Trials of Osiris got canceled for the second time in “Destiny 2” as it was discovered that the win-trade/Hakke emblem exploit was still present on the specified game mode, and it's now easier to replicate. Gambit’s challenges, on the other hand, have allegedly been datamined and it looks like they’re a handful. This year’s Guardian Games could be focusing on Playlist Strikes if other datamined information is anything to go by.

Gambit’s upcoming challenges

Reddit user T_Gamer-mp4 posted a lengthy one over on the Raid Secrets subreddit where the OP detailed Gambit’s upcoming challenges.

The player even suggested to fellow “Destiny 2” players veer away from the multiplayer game mode.

In the post, the OP highlighted Gambit’s week 8 and 9 challenges as the player deemed it the game mode’s “big problems”:

  • Week 8 – Clearing the Inner Circle (Eliminate 40 Primeval Envoys)
  • Week 9 – Feels Good to be Bad (Eliminate 40 Guardians in Gambit. Bonus progress for eliminations while invading.)

There’s more

The OP even included the following as he described these as “painful ones.” He pointed out that there are more of those “gross ones,” but believes that the challenges listed below are the ones most “Destiny 2players are going to complain about:

  • Complete a Grandmaster Nightfall (week 6)
  • Win seven rounds of Trials of Osiris (week 7 – this will give you a random Trials weapon once completed)
  • Get each of the ornaments for the grenade launcher Salvager’s Salvo (weeks 6-8)
  • Earn five Valor ranks (week 7)
  • Get 80 Guardians with elemental elims in Iron Banner. There will also be bonus progress for Stasis eliminations (week 10)
  • Eliminate 50 combatants in the new Strike in its Nightfall form with a linear fusion sidearm (week 8)
  • Eliminate 20 boss or elite Cabal in the new Strike (week 10)
  • Eliminate 400 targets while donning a matching armor set. There will be bonus progress on Guardian elims (week 9)
  • Eliminate 600 targets with either grenade or rocket launchers. Bonus progress for multikills (week 10)

The best time to do it

The OP highlighted the challenge involving Trials.

According to him, if there are “Destiny 2” players who are dreading it, they have to make sure they’re free from March 26 through the 28th as he jotted down on his post the reasons why it’s the best time to do the said challenge.

‘Destiny 2’ Guardian Games 2021

@DestinyNewsCom, on the other hand, recently tweeted that this year’s Guardian Games “will be focused heavily on Playlist Strikes.

The information came from and noted that there will be class-specific Strike playlists for Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks. There are also modifiers for bronze, silver, and gold:

  • Bronze – Both melee and grenade abilities deal more damage and recharge much quicker. Elemental damage is also increased from Guardian sources.
  • Silver – Both melee and grenade abilities recharge quicker. Elemental damage increased from Guardian sources and there will be more power ammo available.
  • Gold – Health, shields, and recovery have been increased. Kinetic weapons deal more damage.

It went on to note that the above-mentioned intel is subject to change as “Destiny 2’s” Guardian Games 2021 is scheduled to kick off this April 20.