Another month means another edition of "State of Play," Sony's PlayStation centric Livestream, is coming down the pipe. Currently, Sony is getting ready for the impending launch of the PlayStation 5. So in the meantime, the company is busy unveiling what new games are coming to the next iteration of the platform, its predecessor the PlayStation 4, and PlayStation VR.

Upcoming titles galore!

As usual, the lineup was chock-full of goodies ranging from new details for already announced titles to newly announced titles. We learned some impressive things about upcoming titles like "Crash Bandicoot 4," "Godfall," and "Hitman 3" to name a few.

As for new announcements, we're getting "Hood: Outlaws and Generals," "Aeon Must Die," a new "Star Wars" title, and more. Prepare for the future of PlayStation.

'State of Play' roundup

  • "Crash Bandicoot 4" gameplay overview - Developer Toys for Bob shared tonnes of new gameplay details in the new gameplay trailer including new gameplay mechanics (ziplining, wall running, rope swinging, etc), a new playable character in the form in franchise fave Dingodile and a Mirror mode that changes the artistic perspective of the game's world. "Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time" is coming to PS4 on Oct 2.
  • "Hitman 3" and trilogy coming to PSVR - The "Hitman" games have been always played in the third-person perspective until now. The new trailer for "Hitman 3" revealed that the game can also be played on PlayStation VR, allowing players can infiltrate, assassinate, and exfiltrate through levels in first-person through VR. Additionally, not only will the third outing receive the VR treatment but the whole trilogy as well. 'Hitman 1-3' is coming to PSVR in January 2021.
  • "Braid: Anniversary Edition" announced - Moving over to the second surprise announcement, we have "Braid: Anniversary Edition" coming to the PS4 and PS5 sometime in 2021. The critically acclaimed handpainted, time-bending platformer is returning with updated visuals, animation, audio, and developer commentary.
  • "The Pathless" gameplay revealed - Developer's upcoming follow-up to "Abzu" seems to be the studios' most ambitious undertaking to date. "The Pathless" will have players rely on archery and pair them with a winged companion that can help them fly in an open world full of danger. The game is coming to PS5 in 2020.
  • "Spelunky 2" coming to PS5 - The first game was a smash hit with its treacherous treasure hunting hijinks and the sequel looks to set a trend moving forward. in fact, Spelunky 2 will outclass its predecessor by introducing online multiplayer, new shops, and the ability to ride a turkey. "Spelunky 2" will drop on PS4 on Sep 14.
  • "Genshin Impact" coming in Autumn - From miHoYothe, the developer of "Gun GirlZ," comes its second IP called "Genshin Impact." Announced back in June 2019, this one's a free-to-play open-world RPG with an online multiplayer and rendered in a colorful 3D anime art style. Gameplay was shown and looks impressive with gorgeous spells and effects. "Genshin Impact" coming to all major platforms but will arrive on the PS4 in Autumn.
  • "Aeon Must Die" coming to PS4 - Focus Home Entertainment and Limestone Games are bringing their ultra-stylish beat em up to the PS4 in 2021. The game features a unique art style with brutal over the top action, tactical yet risk-reward centric combat, and an RPG alignment system that's begging to be experienced.
  • "ANNO: Mutationem" coming to PS4 - This is a 2D/3D pixelated action-adventure set in a cyberpunk world with a ball off the wall story. Players take on the role of Ann, a highly combat skilled protagonist on a lone wolf mission that will take her across this sprawling futuristic metropolis to fend off shadow groups and monsters. "ANNO: Mutationem" is coming to PS4 in Dec 2020.
  • "Bugsnax" story revealed - It's time to take another look at Indie dev Young Horses' upcoming PS5 exclusive that was announced during the PS5 Reveal event. "Bugsnax" is an open-world first-person adventure game set on an island occupied by the titular critters. The player's character is an investigator who, after arriving at the island, is tasked with catching these elusive creatures with a variety of traps for the sake of a village. As previously revealed, you are literally what you eat in "Bugsnax" as the characters in the game will take on their features after consuming them. It's slated for release on Holiday 2020.
  • "Vader Immortal" dated - Lucas Arts finally revealed the release date for the upcoming PSVR title "Vader Immortal." This upcoming VR title, scheduled for release on August 25, lets players see through the lens of the most iconic Star Wars character while wielding a lightsaber and the force through levels spread across a galaxy far, far away.
  • "Control: AWE" expansion dated - We now know when the next expansion to 505 Games and Remedy Entertainment's highly praised third-person shooter will be dropping. Even better, this new trailer for 'Control: AWE' features the popular Alan Wake, confirming rumors about a crossover. it's dropping on Aug 27.
  • "Auto Chess" dated for PS4 - Dragonest Games' popular strategic auto battler is finally making its way to the PS4 console. 'Auto Chess,' for those who don't know, is a top-down chess style battle game with pieces in the form of fantasy creatures. It's won a tonne of awards since launching last year on PC, mobile, and Nintendo Switch. Now it will finally become part of the PS4 library of games on Oct 31.
  • "The Pedestrian" coming to PS4 - Among the ports announced during the Livestream, 'The Pedestrian' from developer Skookum Arts is undoubtedly the most unique looking. In this 2D platformer, players control a sentient pedestrian logo to navigate its way across blueprints, signs, and other constructs in a city. It was released on Steam back in January and now it will be making its way to the PS4 in Jan 2021.
  • "Hood: Outlaws and Legends" coming to PS5 - "Assassin's Creed" meets Robin Hood in this ambitious medieval stealth action game, scheduled to arrive in 2021. Players take on the role of the Wraiths, a band of rebels who must infiltrate enemy locations to take back what was stolen from the innocent. However, they must also be wary of rival factions who might swoop in and steal their hard-earned bounties.
  • "Temtem" coming to PS5 - After launching on Steam Ealy Access back in January, "Temtem" will be making the leap toward the PS5. The big deal with this game is that it functions much like Pokemon MMO. Make your character, capture powerful creatures, and battle others or team up with online. "Temtem" up in 2021!
  • "Godfall" gameplay overview - Up next, Gearbox set out to wow us with an in-depth gameplay overview of their upcoming looter slasher "Godfall." This is an action RPG game set in a high fantasy world split up into four elemental realms. The melee combat is designed to be fluid and dynamic as players carve their way through multiple enemies. It utilizes five weapon classes--upgradable and modified by unlocking more weapons and techniques along the way. "Godfall" will launch alongside the PS5 this Holiday season.