The “Call of Duty: Warzone” community thought that the Loadout Drop glitch in the game has been fixed until one of the players encountered it anew post-patch. It looks like another Loadout Drop-related bug has been stumbled upon by players and it’s equally as game-breaking as the first.

Lagging Loadout Drop in 'Warzone'

Reddit user haldolinyobutt is just one of the players who brought the issue to light over on the CODWarzone subreddit. The post showed a clip where the player tried to pick up the Loadout. Unfortunately, his game froze for a few seconds before resuming only to get eliminated by another player.

According to the OP, the bug “has been going on since the ‘Cold War’ integration” adding that it’s embarrassing that the game is allowed to play at that state.

The post gained some traction among other players on the subreddit as they too expressed their ire towards the new Loadout Drop bug. Down in the comments, the OP also claims to have been experiencing the issue in 25 percent of the Loadouts that he picked. There is one who even noted that it happened to him 85 percent of the time. As of writing, the developers have yet to address this emerging issue within “Warzone.”

Exploit with the Truck

Another issue that needs to be addressed by the developers is the so-called truck glitch.

This allows players to phase through walls and eventually become invisible.

This too was posted over on the same subreddit by user BHill4three5891 where he showed (through a gameplay clip) how he fell victim to the exploit. For the uninitiated, “Warzone” players can park a Truck near the closed storage facility within the Promenade.

Players will then be somewhat teleported inside the room upon exiting the vehicle.

Dealing with cheaters

As a result, there are “Warzone” players who according to Dexerto took matters into their own hands and tackle other players replicating the exploit head-on.

One of them is Reddit user precipue. In his post, he claims that he knows it when he sees it alongside a clip on how he deals with such players.

As soon as he noticed the truck parked near the bugged structure, he double-checked using a Heartbeat Sensor to see if there was indeed a cheater inside the room. Once confirmed, the OP sprang into action and eliminated the player albeit the fact that he too performed the exploit to serve justice.

Members of the subreddit didn’t mind, though, that the OP used the glitch as long as he got rid of the cheater inside the structure. There are some who suggested, however, to just move the truck away from the storage room and let the circle do the trick.

Let’s just hope that the above-mentioned glitches be fixed by either Infinity Ward or Raven Software. Until then, players will just have to be wary of these bugs in “Warzone.”