The Legendary Submachine Gun – Cold Front - was part of “Destiny 2’s” The Dawning event, though Guardians got a bit confused when they’ve noticed a perk in the weapon that they believe wasn’t supposed to be there. With that in mind, Bungie has finally addressed it and revealed that tweaks with the SMG are incoming.

Cold Front changes incoming

“Destiny 2’s” Assistant Game Director Joe Blackburn took to Twitter to announce the upcoming changes with the Cold Front. According to him, “the Dragonfly perk was not designated to work with kinetic weapons” as this would result in players experiencing some “technical errors.” He noted that all Cold Fronts in the game will have their Dragonfly removed and replaced with the Swashbuckler instead in the next patch.

He then apologized for the “late-breaking” timing as they try to keep their Holiday time sacred over at the studio. Further, he advised the “Destiny 2” player base to check out the Vault of Glass raid (coming later this year per Blackburn) if those who are “hungry for a ‘fly’ perk on a legendary kinetic."

Down in the comments, there were players who seem to disapprove of these looming changes with the Cold Front. There were even some of them demanding Bungie to show proof of what those so-called technical errors are.

'Destiny 2's' Dmg on Shatterdive

Senior Community Manager Dmg04 also made a tweet addressing the Shatterdive ability.

Per the post, he assured the “Destiny 2” player base that the dev team is already “looking into it” adding that more information will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

Too OP

This Hunter ability can be triggered mid-air to quickly nosedive and shatter enemies on impact. This “Destiny 2Stasis Aspect has been one of the heavily discussed topics in the game since it has no cooldowns (with the exception of players jumping to reactivate it) and can be easily spammed by players.

Hunters also gain around 40 percent damage resistance while the ability is being performed.

Reddit user AbbreviationsOk7512 also pointed out in his post that the Shatterdive can also be used as either an offensive and evasive tool. According to the player, “it can be more than just a vertical movement.” Further, he explained that a player can actually dive in several directions, not to mention that it can be paired with a Glacial Grenade to instantly eliminate enemies nearby.

He also noted that Guardians can also combo from their super mid-animation and insta-shatter to cancel the travel storm cast animation.

There isn’t even a slide penalty after the ability’s animation ends. It can also be paired with the Wormhusk Crown Exotic to “make it even better” according to the "Destiny 2" player.