Similar to Juggernauts, the Loadout Drops in “Call of Duty: Warzone” have grown to become quite the pain in the behind for players as they’ve stumbled upon several issues connected to the said item. That said, it looks like the so-called invincible bug is back in the game, and it’s pretty much game-breaking.

Another Loadout Drop glitch in 'Warzone'

Reddit user SyrianEiAD posted a gameplay clip over on r/CODWarzone where it featured the above-mentioned exploit. Per the video, the player can be seen landing on the spot where the crate dropped. As soon as the item was picked and the Loadout selected, the player’s character instantly got bugged inside the Loadout Drop after it took some hits from nearby opponents.

Just like the previous Loadout Drop glitch, the player cannot move once inside the crate. The player managed to break free from the glitched boxes, though not until he managed to eliminate a couple of enemies.

It’s still not clear as to why this is happening again in “Warzone.” Also, it may well seem that this new version of the glitch will be a bit difficult to replicate since the OP took some damage before it was triggered.

“Warzone” developers, on the other hand, have yet to comment about this returning exploit. It is expected, however, that this issue will be patched up in a timely manner.

Previous bug

Players are still well-aware of the previous Loadout glitch in “Warzone.” One can just stand from where the Loadout will drop and let that weird collision do the trick.

The devs could get rid of it last month but somehow reappeared in the battle royale shooter. For now, it is advisable to approach these Loadout Drops with caution since you’ll never know what might be inside.

DMR 14

Another thing in “Warzone” that players want to address by either Infinity Ward or Raven Software is the semi-auto tactical rifle – DMR 14.

A lot from its player base has been requesting the weapon be nerfed as they noticed that the weapon is too overpowered.

The DMR has been used in matches as it caught the ire of players resulting in numerous complaints. Most of the grievances were brought up over on “Warzone’s” subreddit as one of them (u/Jackfitz88) described the rifle as “the worst meta gun that’s ever been in this game.” He also noted that he doesn’t mind players using other equally powerful weapons in the game like the Mac 10 as the OP stated that it can still be countered.

Further, the player explained that the DMR’s a two-shot, adding that the entire lobby is as of late using it. With that in mind, the OP went on stating that “Warzone” “is in an unplayable state,” and it will eventually get nerfed after everyone has already purchased “Cold War” and the game’s weapon skins.

Well-known “Warzone” player NICKMERCS recently uploaded a video on his YouTube channel as he talked about the DMR. According to him, the game has turned into a “DMRzone” adding that if one can’t find a DMR in a match, that player should get off the game. He also believes that nerfing it won’t do any good as players are likely to switch over to the Type 63 if that happens.