Oneplus and PUBG Mobile are teaming up to offer exclusive in-game 90Hz support on the current lineup of OP devices.

This improved version of the battle royale will be available until September 6 before being available on all other compatible smartphones.

OnePlus is today a key player in the smartphone but does not have the same aura as some of its competitors in the mobile gaming sector.

An update reserved for one month for OnePlus customers

Although intended to highlight the capabilities of its devices, OnePlus has reached an agreement with Tencent Games, the publisher of PUBG Mobile.

From now until September 6, users of the OnePlus 7T and 7Pro and the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro, will be able to benefit from the battle royale in a version optimized for screens with 90 Hz refresh.

With this update, the in-game experience will be more enjoyable and fluid, especially in the title, which requires a certain speed of action to be the last alive on the battlefield.

Maximum fluidity… at the expense of visual quality

Last May, when the OnePlus 8 range was launched, the brand had already announced a partnership this time with Epic Games for an update of Fortnite that can run at 90 fps.

Only, to ensure a constant frame rate, the game automatically switched all graphics settings to the lowest level.

Tencent Games did not give details on the visual quality supported when activating 90 fps in PUBG Mobile. Whether the chip used in the OnePlus 8, a Snapdragon 865 SoC, is capable of handling the fluidity of the title and the parallel graphics.

For all owners of 90 or 120 Hz smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S20, the Asus ROG Phone 2, and ROG phone 3 (with the latter a 144 Hz screen), the Pixel 4 or the future Galaxy Note 20, the update will be available from September 7.

A box full for PUBG Mobile which posts a 41 percent increase in revenues in May

Publishers are starting to count their posts as the world slowly defines itself. From the top of his cash pyramid, the Chinese Tencent can congratulate himself on having signed, last May, a record month for his PUBG Mobile game. A new report from the Sensor Tower Institute estimates that smartphone Battle Royale grossed more than $226 million in May.

A 41 percent increase in its revenues compared to May 2019.

The Battle Royale, big winners of containment

In addition to the strong resurgence of public interest in Player Unknown's Battleground, the Call of Duty: Warzone phenomenon, and the booming popularity of Fortnite, everything seems to indicate that the mode of Battle Royale, initiated three years ago, is unquenchable.

But even more strongly, it is undoubtedly the hold of Tencent on the video game medium, which continues to grow. In addition to PUBG Mobile, Sensor Tower reveals that another game from the publisher did particularly well in May: Honor of Kings, a MOBA developed by TiMi Studios, which alone grossed $224 million on last month.

Tencent which, in addition to the mobile game where it is like a fish in water, also places its marbles in the video game industry in the broad sense: majority shareholder of Riot (League of Legends, Valorant), the Chinese giant also owns 40 percent shares of Epic Games, developer of Fortnite.