Fortnite: Battle Royale” pro-players have started to leave the game, but glitches in the game are here to stay. Another one of those “infinite wins” exploit has just been discovered and it’s pretty easy to do.

Known glitch seeker Glitch King recently uploaded a video about it as he detailed how to replicate what he calls an “infinite wins glitch” in “Fortnite.” He made it clear that he made the video to encourage Epic Games to take action.

Easy wins in ‘Fortnite’

The trick is pretty simple and according to the YouTuber, it can be done in any game mode in “Fortnite.” Players will need a decoy grenade for this glitch to work.

Once the requisite is met, use it and get eliminated from the match. You’ll know the glitch has been triggered if you didn’t see the option to leave the game. Next step is to spectate until someone gets that Victory Royale. You’ll be sharing that easy win with the last player standing. There’s even a part of the clip showing Glitch King’s win record went up by one.

A couple more tricks

Another glitch hunter – OrangeGuy – also covered the story including a couple more glitches/tricks that he stumbled upon. One of them involves the Rusty Can.

The item can be acquired by shooting fishing spots with the boat rockets. Next is to bind the “Fire” button to the scroll wheel. Once done, aim at an enemy and scroll to hurl all the Rusty Cans at once.

In Orange’s video, it can be seen that it inflicted 180 damage towards that other payer which is pretty strong considering that it’s just a bunch of rusty cans. The drawback on this one is that you have to pick up the cans afterwards.

Another “Fortnite” glitch that got featured was the one using the zipline. Per Orange, players will just have to go far back as they possibly can, use the zipline and instantly walk backwards.

If done correctly, players can destroy everything in their path, not to mention that they can now jump on this new version of the glitch.

Tfue’s blanking bullet problem

The above-mentioned glitches/tricks are cool and all, but this next one’s pretty game-breaking. Massive “Fortnitepro and streamer Tfue encountered it during their duo scrims alongside Scoped as the two prepare for the FNCS Finals.

A gameplay clip of the “Fortnite” pro shows that he’s on a high-ground position to have a better view of the opponents around him. He can also be seen trying to shoot down enemies on sight using a minigun, though he immediately noticed that something’s wrong. He observed that the shots that he fired didn’t seem to connect to those enemies. One can quickly argue that Tfue might just be having a bad day, but there are at least three or more enemies that he saw on that part of the clip and the shots that he fired did not inflict any damage.

Epic, on the other hand has yet to address this issue. It would be a problem if this happened in one of their "Fortnite" tournaments where huge sums of cash are involved.