A lot of stuff is happening within “Fortnite: Battle Royale’s” competitive scene albeit the fact that some of them have quit playing the title as they reasoned out that it’s no longer fun playing. With that in mind, a couple of big announcements were made by pro-players Aydan and Bizzle and the two took to Twitter to reveal that they’ve cut ties with their gaming org – Ghost Gaming.

‘Fortnite’ pros leaving Ghost Gaming

Aydan (Aydan Conrad) was the first to take to Twitter to announce that he already parted ways with the gaming org. In his TwitLonger post, he stated that Ghost Gaming “was the first and only organization” that he’s been on, adding that he’d learned so much this past couple of years.

He thanked the folks that helped him during his Ghost days before officially declaring that he’s a free agent and is currently open to offers from all gaming organizations.

The same thing goes with Bizzle (Timothy Miller), where he, just an hour apart after his former teammate’s reveal, stated that he “mutually parted ways” with the org. Like Aydan, Bizzle also announced that he too is now a free agent and is excited to represent his next organization.

Aydan became a member of Ghost back in the Summer of 2018 and went on to become one of the best “Fortnite” controller players. He even once held the record for the most eliminations in Solos on console. Aydan also displayed his skills in other BR titles, as he alongside Abezy and Priestahh, won Twitch Rivals’ $100k “Warzone” tournament.

Now that the two talented “Fortnite” pros left Ghost, it’s likely that the gaming org will be announcing their replacements. A similar move is also expected with Aydan and Bizzle and fans of both players are musing as to what teams they’ll end up with in the future.

Kenith’s done with the game

Meanwhile, the list of pros leavingFortnite” continues to grow as another player, Kenith tweeted that he’s 100 percent done with Epic’s BR shooter.

He also revealed that he hasn’t streamed the title for five months now, adding that he can’t remember the last time he genuinely enjoyed the game. The pro even noted that he hasn’t been able to go five minutes after launching it without feeling irritated or angered.

The now-former “Fortnite” pro went on expressing his excitement about Riot Games’ multiplayer first-person shooter - “Valorant.” Kenith stated that he hasn’t felt excited about a game in years and has no doubt in his mind that he’ll be enjoying “Valorant.”

Clix gets sick, fans want him tested

Misfits Gaming’s Clix, on the other hand, tweeted that he’s feeling sick as of late and revealed that he has a fever paired with a headache. Down in the comments, some are speculating for the worse and they advised the 'Fortnite' pro to be tested. Here’s to hoping for his speedy recovery.