Known “Fortnite: Battle Royale" pro players have grown unhappy with the game’s current state as a number of them have veered away from the famed BR shooter. Team Liquid’s Jake Brumleve – known in the FNBR pro scene as Poach – has recently announced his retirement from the game. That said, another pro has just revealed that he too has stopped playing the game.

Leaving ‘Fortnite’

Keenan “Rhux” Santos took to Twitter to announce that he has left “Fortnite” adding that he hasn’t played the game for months now. In his tweet, he posted a couple of reasons why he left the BR shooter:

  • “Fortnite isn’t fun.”
  • Aim assist isn’t competitive. That is all.”

It was on New Year’s Day 2020 when he posted a tweet thanking the game and its competitive scene.

This could be the time when he stopped playing “Fortnite,” not to mention that there’s a Twitter user down in the comments who might have already figured what he meant.

Before ‘Fortnite’

For the uninitiated, Rhux placed 11th at “Fortnite’s” World Cup. Prior to becoming an “FNBR” pro, he was once a “League of Legends” pro player where he began playing the massive MOBA title around the time of the World Cyber Games in 2010. His popularity grew even more in 2014 when he emerged the victor at Curse Gaming’s Proving Grounds 1v1 Tournament.

Rhux did not go further into detail what titles he’ll play next. There are a couple of recent tweets, however, where he showed a short clip of him playing “Escape from Tarkov” and another one retweeting Summit1g’s post talking about Riot Games’ “Valorant.”

Poach’s retirement

As mentioned, Poach also announced that he’s “stepping away from ‘Fortnite.’” This alongside a TwitLonger post detailing his decision.

Just like most of the pros who already left the BR shooter, he noted that he’s no longer happy with it adding that he’s “not going to stick around to something that causes unhappiness.” He even called out Epic Games on how their decisions are being “fundamentally flawed” in treating their game competitively including the developer’s “lackluster communication” with both of their pro and fan communities.

The now-former “Fortnite” pro went on stating that he’s hopeful that he finds what he’s looking for in "Valorant" since he pointed out at the beginning of his post that he wants to stream games other than “Fortnite.” If Riot’s game does not work out for him, he stated that he’ll be moving forward a streamer.

There are other “Fortnite” pros that quit the game way earlier than them. Back in February, Vinny “Vinny1x” Gilgan announced that he had left both the game and his gaming org TSM. Just like Poach and Rhux, he too was no longer happy with the game adding that if the game didn’t put money in its competitive scene, he would have left it a long time ago.