Fortnite: Battle Royale” just got a new update (v12.30) that addressed some issues within the game. With that in mind, it looks like Epic Games did some aiming changes in the BR shooter as it was noticed by some of the players.

‘Fortnite’ s’ aiming mechanics tweaked

“Fortnite” player bhronos (@bhronosFN) took to Twitter to show what he noticed in the game’s aiming mechanics (for mouse and keyboard players). He tweeted a couple of clips showcasing these changes where the first one featured what he believes to be the game’s recoil and bloom on MKB “are finally the same” as it is on a controller.

Further, the OP also stated that the adjustment was more of a buff to MKB rather than a controller nerf.

The second clip of bhronos showed that flinching was also updated. According to him, “Fortnite” players will no longer flinch whenever they get hit so their “aim doesn’t screw up.” Additionally, he commented that the recent change in flinch went live on both MKB and controller.

The “Fortnite BR” community has long been debating about the game’s aim assist.

While the recent tweaks won’t be putting an end to such discussion, these will somehow pull both MKB and controller players together.

Doomsday event

Dataminers, have also stumbled upon some interesting stuff in “Fortnite’s” recent update as one of them may well seem to suggest another major event happening in-game in the future.

If leaker FortTory’s tweet is anything to go by, Epic Games could be prepping up for a Doomsday event in the game. Per the dataminer’s tweet, the following items were added in the game:

  • Doomsday Device
  • Doomsday Door
  • Doomsday Hatch

As for the Hatch part, it remains to be seen why they are placed around the Agency’s perimeter, but it is speculated that its purpose could be similar to the Porta-Potty.

FortTory also tweeted that there are currently five hatches around the Agency and these can be found in the water.

The “Fortnite” dataminer pointed out, however, that the Device is nowhere in sight, as of yet, though he believes that it might show up in the so-called Doom Room that according to him can probably be accessed “via Midas his room.” He also stated that there could be a secret path leading to it inside Midas’ room.

A Deadpool yacht as POI

The Merc with a mouth — Deadpool — was also spotted in the game files as there’s a leak about the anti-hero hinting at a new point of interest in the game – a yacht based on him. There’s also a flag that holds his pants and a “cat burglar gold statue” where his mask was put on its head. He will surely leave a mark in “Fortnite BR.”

Knowing Epic, there’s a chance that some of these leaks will be either changed or scrapped. Unless it's confirmed by the game maker, better to take these with some pinches of salt.