Epic Games recently rolled out the v12.21 patch for “Fortnite,” though no major leaks were being scraped from it since it only brought in a lot of bug fixes to the battle royale shooter. There are dataminers, however, who claim that there were new stuff that got added in this update as most of it are intended for the game’s creative mode.

Some Fortnite Creative stuff could be on the way

A Reddit post from a couple of months back showed a list of things that are believed to be scrapped or yet to be released by Epic Games for Fortnite Creative and it may well seem that some of it has resurfaced on the game’s recent update.

That said, the leaker known as Storm (@StormLeak) took to Twitter the same day v12.21 went live (March 24) to show the alleged upcoming contents for the said game mode. Be reminded that the following are not yet 100 percent confirmed and should be chewed on with a little bit of salt:


  • Tilted Town Wall Gallery
  • Tilted Town Floor Gallery
  • Tilted Town Prop Gallery
  • Mecha Team Leader Gallery
  • The Devourer Gallery


  • Llama-Tron
  • Storm King Spawner
  • Matchmaking Portal
  • Motorboat Spawner
  • Upgrade Bench
  • Seven Terrain Editing Devices
  • Painting Device
  • Rift Zone Controller
  • Weapon Customizer
  • Screenshot Cam


  • Cattus Island


  • Fishing Rod

Storm is starting to believe that the intel is true as the “Fortnite” leaker pointed out that there are prefabs for both the Mecha Team Leader and what he calls the monster skeleton (that at the time according to him were still encrypted).

As for the Cattus Island, he retweeted his old tweet back in August of 2019 showing how the island might look like in “Fortnite’s” Creative mode. We sure hope that the above-mentioned comes to fruition in the game.

Issues resolved in v12.21

The Awaken Oro challenges were also part of v12.21.

Epic even jotted down some of the issues that they've resolved in “Fortnite:”

  • Tournament scores display incorrectly in both Lobby and in-match.
  • Party Assist feature in Missions is temporarily unavailable.
  • Controllers’ unintentional Carry or Shakedown.
  • Game freezes when leaving party while on split-screen.
  • Meowscles’ Challenge - “Survive a fall” is not tracking progress.
  • Epic will be removing the “Use Legacy Look Control” feature in the game
  • Difficulty picking up items with the Use button.
  • Hit indicators showing the wrong direction.
  • Both buildings and structures may appear in low detail.


The developer also added a new Limited Time Mode on “Fortnite’s” Spy Games dubbed Knockout.

It’s a bracket-style competition in which players will be battling it out over four rounds. The squad with the most eliminations will be moving on as the last team standing wins.

Per Dexerto, both squads have new intel:


  • An Air Raid perk
  • Decoy grenade
  • Hand Cannon
  • Shield Steal perk
  • Clinger grenades
  • Pump Shotgun (increased rarity)
  • A Rapid-fire SMG
  • Jetpack upgrade


  • Shield Bubble
  • Semi-Auto Sniper with increased rarity
  • Reinvigorated perk
  • Creepin’ Cardboard (with more damage)
  • Buffed Chug Splashes
  • Parting Gift perk
  • Scoped Assault Rifle (reduced recoil)
  • Suppressed SMG