Epic Games is about to drop “Fortnite: Battle Royale’s” v12.20 update, and players of the BR shooter are now musing what the new game tweak will be bringing in. Before it goes live, leakers have discovered some additional stuff that might be added into the game as one of them includes an option to customize the Battle Bus.

Custom Battle Bus in ‘Fortnite’

Emerging “Fortnite” dataminer spedicey1 (@spedicey1) recently took to Twitter to show that such a feature might finally become a reality this season. If his tweet is anything to go by, the developer could be adding an option that allows players to customize the style/appearance of the Battle Bus.

At the bottom right corner of the screenshot, there’s a phrase that reads, “jump from a personalized battle bus.”

He even tweeted a clip showing how it might look like in-game, though when the dataminer tried hovering on the said option, the screen just went black. It does show, however, a display suggesting an “Uncommon Halloween Bus.”

Additional details on how the feature would work in “Fortnite” remains undisclosed. Dexerto believes that players might be given the ability to change some parts of the vehicle, or they could just apply an overall skin to it just like the weapon wraps. They also noted that provided it’s officially added into the game, the feature “could pave the way for countless designs to be released alongside seasonal events, and during collaborations.”

For the uninitiated, a customizable Battle Bus had already been hinted as early as 2018, though it never materialized in the game.

It was dug up once again by dataminers the following year, but still, it never happened.

Helicopter stats

Meanwhile, now that v12.20 is about to drop, and the “Fortnite” community is expecting content such as the helicopter to be introduced by Epic, Spedicey made several tweets about it.

Earlier this month, the dataminer claimed that “helicopters are planned to have 1500HP,” though its default shield is set at zero. In one of his recent tweets, he added that it will most likely be a solo vehicle, but knowing Epic, these stats are still subject to change.

Party Assist

Spedicey also tweeted something about “Fortnite’s” party assist feature to be making a comeback.

The tweet shows a screenshot of Maya’s roster of challenges suggesting that the feature has been activated and other players can now assist the player in doing the challenge.

Just like any other leaks, “Fortnite” players should be putting pinches of salt on these until Epic Games makes it official. Also, expect some leaks to be spilled as soon as the v12.20 goes live.