Activision and Infinity Ward have released several "Call of Duty" games in the past few months, with all of them being incredibly popular. First, "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" was released in October 2019, and despite being out for only two months in 2019, it has managed to rank second in revenue among premium games. On March 10, Warzone game mode came out, both as an addition to the regular game and as a standalone free-to-play version, and finally, "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" had its remastered campaign released on March 31.

The remastered campaign of the popular game was released only for PlayStation 4, and while gamers are waiting for it to drop on Xbox One and PC, which should be done in late April, they are keeping themselves busy by mostly playing the Warzone battle royale mode.

Unfortunately, this mode currently has a lot of game-breaking bugs, and players have recently found another one, which gives players an unfair advantage in the Gulag.

Massive advantage in Gulag

Thanks to the Gulag, "Call of Duty: Warzone" players are able to get back into the game after losing a fight to an enemy. After dying to another player, players are sent to the Gulag for a 1v1 fight against another player who was sent there, and whoever wins a fight is sent back to the game. This unique system allows players to gain an extra life by using their skills to defeat an enemy. What makes Gulag so good is that both players are on a level playing field as they are given the same weapons.

However, one of the recent game-breaking glitches allows players to pick up different weapons while fighting in the Gulag.

Reddit user Kasperinoz has posted a video of him finding an MP7, a Model 680, and $300 Cash laying on the floor in the Gulag. The player started a match with the X16 pistol, while his Lethal and Tactical equipment were Semtex and a Stun Grenade. A few seconds into the match, he noticed the other weapons on the floor, which he then successfully picked up.

This most likely happened because a previous player who was in the arena disconnected and his loot was dropped to the floor. While this glitch is most likely very hard to replicate, finding random guns on the Gulag floor should never happen as it doesn't make the fight fair. In the video posted by the Reddit user, one player had a shotgun, while the other one only had a pistol.

The god mode glitch

Another game-breaking glitch in "Call of Duty: Warzone" is a god mode glitch. This exploit gives players infinite health and they cannot be eliminated by enemies no matter what. Players are hoping that Infinity Ward will fix these glitches soon as well as take care of hackers and cheaters who have been ruining gameplay lately.