Epic Games announced a surprise update for "Fortnite: Battle Royale" on March 23. The game already received a huge update recently which introduced the new flying-vehicle "Choppa" as well as made some changes to "The Rig" spot on the map. The latest update was only around 350 MB on PC and similar to consoles and handheld devices. The small update size does not necessarily mean that less content has been added to the game. However, this time it seems like there wasn't much content added to the game.

New Awaken Oro challenges

Popular "Fortnite: Battle Royale" leaker "Lucas7Yoshi" was one of the first data miners to confirm that there were no new cosmetic items added to the game in the latest update, furthermore, he also confirmed that the encryption key for the game files remains unchanged even after the newest update.

Though most of the decrypted files remained unchanged, some size modifications were noted in two encrypted files.

The whole update was quite dull, however, and the only exciting part of the update was the addition of the new "Awaken Oro" challenges. If you have been following the "Fortnite" leaks since the end of the previous season, you probably know what "Oro" is.

During the last days of "Fortnite: Battle Royale" Chapter 2 Season 1, Epic Games added a new golden skeleton outfit to the game which was labeled as "Oro." At the time when the first teasers of Chapter 2 Season 2 went live, players believed that Oro might actually be the tier-100 or secret skin because most of the teasers were golden in color and related to gold.

However, the theory was quickly debunked after the release of the update.

After the latest update, players are curious about the Oro outfit and its connection to "Fortnite's" current season's lore because a new set of challenges are added exclusively for the Oro skin. Here are the challenges:

Awaken Oro challenges

  • Assist teammates with Eliminations.
  • Play a game with a friend.
  • Deal damage to opponents.
  • Collect medals.
  • Complete ALL CHALLENGES to earn the reward item.
  • Complete ANY 2 CHALLENGES to earn the reward item.

Oro and Midas theory

There's a popular theory circulating in "Fortnite" fanbase and it's that Oro and Midas might be the same person.

As we know that Midas is the tier-100 outfit of the Chapter 2 Season 2 battle pass, he actually belongs to the "Golden Ghost" set, on the other hand, Oro belongs to "Midas' revenge" set. One more exciting thing about their connection is that both of the characters have scars on the same side of the face.

Some players think that we might get two secret battle pass skins and considering that this season's secret outfit was spoiled by Deadpool himself at the start of the season, there's a chance that Epic Games might be just messing with its fans.