Fortnite: Battle Royale’s” v12.20 update is currently underway and has brought in new content to the game. In line with this, upcoming stuff has also been leaked by dataminers and has gotten the community hyped, once again. That said, one of the leakers may have just spotted what could be a soon to be released skin under the BR shooters Icon Series.

Travis Scott skin in 'Fortnite'

Known “Fortnite” dataminer – HYPEX (@HYPEX) recently took to Twitter to show what he believes to be the previously leaked Travis Scott skin. The screenshot shows how the famed rapper might look like in the game, though the image is quite blurry, not to mention that he has to confirm the legitimacy of the source.

Down in the comments, “Fortnite” fans have noticed that the yet to be confirmed skin had some similarities to the “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” protagonist CJ. Also, players have pointed out that the Travis Scott skin is sporting a pair of Nike Air Jordans to which the game previously collaborated with.

The Travis Scott skin has already been hinted early on where a string of codes was discovered during “Fortnite’s” v12.00 patch. It was also believed that it might be introduced in the game as a set, though details are still unclear up to now.

Until Epic Games confirms such content does exist, it is better to take this with a grain of salt. The developer has a penchant for scrapping ideas if it does not work for them.

A Lachlan Fashion Show

Another leak was also dug up by dataminers as they claim that the popular YouTuber and “Fortnite” player Lachlan could be putting up a fashion show in the game.

If the strings in the game files are anything to go by, it reads, “CONGRATULATIONS!” “Thank you for participating in Lachlan’s Fashion Show!”

For the uninitiated, Lachlan held a $10,000 Duos Fortnite Fashion Show where the tandem of equally popular content creators – SypherPK and Ali-A bagged the top prize. The series of videos that he uploaded were well-received by fans and it’s likely that he’ll be putting up another one in the future.

Deadpool Challenges

The merc with a mouthDeadpool, was seen in “Fortnite’s” Choppa trailer alongside some unreleased skins in the game. Leaks of the Marvel character’s challenges (Weeks 5 and 6) have been making the rounds as well:

Week 5

  • Find Deadpool’s stuffed unicorn (0/1)
  • Embrace the rainbow by visiting the Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple steel bridges (0/1)
  • Complete Any one challenge to earn the reward item (Cuddletime Coup loading screen)

Week 6

  • Find Deadpool’s black marker
  • Deface Ghost or Shadow recruitment posters
  • Complete any one challenges to earn the reward item (Merc Wrap)

As for the other Deadpool challenges, dataminers are still digging deep into the “Fortnite” game files for them to leak.