If you are a "Fortnite: Battle Royale" veteran, you probably know that the game has been very dull lately. There are no events happening at the moment and the next season has also been delayed until the middle of February, which is almost a month away. While some players have moved to other battle royale games such as "Apex Legends" or "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds," others have taken it upon themselves to create new fan content for "Fortnite: Battle Royale."

Fan-made outfits and pickaxes are a common occurrence, but one fan tried to give the current cosmetic locker an often requested brand new look.

Reddit user "u/AitorWesterhof" initially posted their UI concept on the "FortniteBR" subreddit and since then it has gained many upvotes along with silver and gold awards.

Fan-made cosmetic locker UI for 'Fortnite'

AitorWesterhof's cosmetic locker concept is called "Fortnite Locker V2" and it has added new functionality to the base locker and changed the locker's background look. Here's the fan-made locker:

I made a Fortnite Locker V2 design with extra functions such as 'Presets', 'Themes' and 'appearances'. [UI Concept] from r/FortNiteBR

As you can see, the fan-made version of the locker has the "Preset" option, which was one of the most requested functionalities by the "Fortnite" community. Since there are tons of cosmetic items in the game as compared to the first few seasons, players want to quickly change their character's outfit without individually sifting through each category.

All players have more than one favorite combination of cosmetics so the preset option can come in handy. Unfortunately, Epic Games has yet to add this functionality to "Fortnite: Battle Royale."

The concept also showcases smooth appearance and clothing transition, which allows players to see different styles for an outfit without the model reload delay.

AitorWesterhof also added a locker theme pack concept, which allows players to change the background of the locker. This fan has garnered a lot of praise from the community after presenting this concept.

Chapter 2 Season 2 of 'Fortnite' release date

While there is no official news about the release date of the next season of "Fortnite," the next season could come out on February 6 or February 13, both of which are Thursdays.

According to data miners, one final patch for this season will also be coming out soon, which will hopefully bring new content to the game and keep players excited until the release of next season. Keep enjoying the game in the meantime!