Stream sniping in “Fortnite: Battle Royale” is a common occurrence, especially if you’re a popular content creator like Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. These folks will get to brag to their fellow players that they’ve taken down one of the game’s best players and such a feat would make them feel good about themselves. The Mixer star learned, however, that there are other gamers out there who are on a mission to hunt him down in the game in exchange for money.

The ‘bounty’ on Ninja’s head

Stream sniping may have grown as another way to earn cash in “Fortnite,” as revealed on Ninja’s recent stream.

The streamer was playing a game of duos alongside fellow streamer Malachi “Reverse2k” Greiner when Reverse revealed that there’s been a bounty placed on his (Ninja) head and whoever takes him down gets the prize.

‘Fortnite’ players are out to hunt him

Reverse also revealed that there is a “stream sniping Discord server,” adding that its owner is the one who’s organizing the hunt. Further, Reverse explained that players need to pay $10 to get into the server, and once inside, players now have the chance to bring down Blevins in-game and be rewarded with $100. He also claims that the other team that tried to eliminate them on stream were both registered on that server.

Ninja was confused by what Reverse revealed to him.

He then asked what happens if those players were not able to eliminate him (Ninja). Reverse then told him that the stream snipers would not be getting any money. The Mixer streamer doesn’t seem to be bothered about it since he has come across numerous stream snipers in the past and most of them failed to eliminate him during a match.

Twitch has deemed stream sniping a form of cheating and even described it as a way to exploit a content creator’s live broadcast for the sole purpose of harassing them in-game. Players who get caught doing it will be banned from using the platform. According to Dexerto, however, Ninja’s new home does not have any specific rules against players who are using the method.

His announcement

Meanwhile, Ninja tweeted that he’ll be making another huge announcement and fans are already musing as to what will it be. A lot of the responses are pretty much hilarious, though there are folks who speculated that his wife Jessica could be pregnant. There are those who believe that the “Fortnite” pro could be announcing his part in Ryan Reynold’s upcoming film dubbed the “Free Guy.”

Ninja’s fans are well-aware of his most recent announcement being his collaboration with Adidas. Prior to this, the biggest reveal that he made was his move from Twitch to Mixer back in August of last year.