It's almost two months since the release of "Fortnite: Battle Royale" chapter 2 season 1 and so far, there hasn't been a single big event on the new map. Compared to the previous seasons of "Fortnite," the current season has been very dull and its extension till February 2020 has made it even worse.

"Fortnite" data miners have revealed that the latest season might finally be getting its first big event. As we all know that the popular landing spot "Risky Reels" which was replaced by The Block back in season 7 has returned to the game in the debut season of the latest chapter, there's a chance that the drive-in might stage another event soon.

The Galileo event

"Fortnite" events are one of the core aspects of the games they have managed to create a lot of hype around it even though they do not follow any lore. "The End" event which eventually led to a total blackout in "Fortnite" for almost two days was one of the biggest events ever pulled out in a multiplayer game and similar events are the reasons that set "Fortnite" apart from the other games in the same genre.

"Fortnite" leakers managed to get their hands on the first Galileo event-related files back in November. First of all, there is going to be a bit of location change at Risky Reels, with red trucks arriving at the place but we're not sure what their purpose is going to be.

In the second phase of the location change, most of the cars in Risky Reels will be moved out and more trucks will start to appear.

In the third and final phase, most of the vehicles will disappear and a small excavator will be brought inside Risky Reels suggesting that some sort of digging is going to take place. The footage for the different phases of Risky Reels was leaked by FortTory and you can watch it below:

Lastly, a number of posters (similar to the ones that appeared during the Marshmello event) will pop up all across the map.

The posters will promote the in-game event and encourage players to visit Risky Reels during the Galileo event.

When to expect from the event?

While there is no official word about the event from Epic Games, it is rumored that the event might take place on December 13 since the Game Awards take place on the same day and a recording related to the event might be played on the big screen in Risky Reels.

"Fortnite" has been nominated in multiple categories this year include Community Support and Esports Game of the Year, so the event might be a way for Epic Games to give back to its massive community.

New Year is also approaching so there's also a chance that the event might be a new year countdown. Whatever the case may be, the event will definitely be huge because "Fortnite: Battle Royale" is getting an event after a long time.