Studio Wildcard continues to tease players with upcoming “ARK: Genesis” items through their weekly Community Crunch blog post. Last week, the developer featured the Mining Drill which will pretty much allow players to gather more resources than usual. This week, they’ve teased another item and it may well seem that it’s an overpowered one. Also, the game maker announced that they’ve extended the game’s Thanksgiving-themed event – Turkey Trial due to some issues.

Cruise Missile

The new weapon known as the Cruise Missile (TEK Remote Guided Missile) was revealed by Wildcard about a month ago and per its description, players can control where they want the projectile to go.

If the developer’s teaser trailer is anything to by, it is pretty much expected that this weapon will inflict a ton of damage on the receiving end. The Cruise Missile’s description also seems to suggest that players can do a rocket ride on it and deliver the explosive package in person.

During the reveal, the developer also said that the missile can be painted/written on if Survivors want to send a message to their opponents. They also pointed out, however, that it’s a single-use weapon adding that the missile gets a lot harder to control over time as it picks up speed. Another feature that was highlighted by Wildcard is that after the target is hit, it will pan out for the player to see the extent of the damage that has been done.

The said feature can be skipped if Survivors doesn’t want to go into the gory details.

They also addressed the concern of other players about the new weapon being too agile. Wildcard debunked such thoughts and said that despite it being remotely controlled, players will not be able to use it to fly around an enemy base, adding that it will be a very difficult thing to do.

“ARK” YouTuber Jade PG, on the other hand, said on his video a few weeks back that there are limitations to the new weapon. According to him, players won’t be able to do pinpoint accuracy like flying through corridors and blow up turrets. He added that the missile can still be detected by in-game turrets and can eventually be shot down by these.

All that hard-earned stuff gone

Meanwhile, the Turkey Trial event got extended until today, December 6. This is due to what they call “unforeseen issues” that barred Survivors from experiencing the Thanksgiving-themed event. However, a lot of players have already expressed their ire about what happened over the past weekend as. Players were blocked from accessing “ARK’s” public servers. What made it even worse is that by the time these players gained access, all their hard-earned stuff went away because of enemy tribes (bases got destroyed, dinos and tribe members slain/looted). At the time of writing, Wildcard has yet to address this issue.