"Fortnite Battle Royale" players received another update on Wednesday, December 4. Epic Games has not released patch notes for this update yet, but players have been notified that the update would be coming out. The video game developer released the v11.21 patch at 4 AM Eastern Time, but it was not a major patch as it has changed one location in the game and fixed a few bugs.

While Epic Games hasn't released patch notes, players can see the progress of bug fixes on the official Trello board. This is the place where the "Fortnite Battle Royale" developer keeps track of bugs in the game and players can visit it anytime to see the progress on bug fixes and fixes that were released with updates.

The game creator also released small changes to Risky Reels, which will be the place of the next in-game event.

Risky Reels has received changes with the latest patch

Data miners revealed that Risky Reels will be the center of the next event in the game. This location, which was brought back from the Chapter 1 map, is going to go through several changes in the game, and the v11.21 update has brought the first change. According to data miners, there will be three stages of the event, and many players have already seen the video on the big screen.

The latest patch brought some minor changes to this popular landmark, but we can expect major changes to be released this month. At the end of the event, most of the vehicles will be removed from the area, so it will most likely affect its popularity as a landing spot.

At the moment, Risky Reels is a great landing spot due to its abundance of chests and ammo boxes, and players can also get a lot of metal from the vehicles in the area.

As can be seen from the video above, the next two stages will bring massive changes to the landmark.

It appears that some digging will be done in the area, but it is unknown what exactly is going to happen. According to popular data miners, the event may happen on December 31, which is why many players believe it has something to do with the New Year. However, this might also be a big event that will bring changes to the entire map, although it is too early for that considering that Epic Games extended the current season until February 2020.

Bug fixes

According to the Trello board, the option to show FPS in the game is no longer missing and players will now show the correct amount of Refund Tokens they have left. The patch also includes the fix for Nintendo Switch bug which caused buildings to appear in low details. Furthermore, the Creative mode has received the fix for the issue which caused the map marker rotation axis to offset when rotating with the Phone tool.