"Fortnite: Battle Royale's" patch v11.30 finally went live, earlier today, and it has to be one of the biggest updates of Chapter 2, so far, considering that slew of new features and cosmetics have been added to the game with it. If you don't already know, the current season of "Fortnite: Battle Royale" has been extended till February 2020 and since it was getting pretty dull lately, Epic Games had to make it a bit interesting for the festive season.

Update 11.30 patch notes

First of all, the most surprising addition to the latest update has to be the introduction of the Split Screen mode.

Well, this isn't something that the "Fortnite" community asked for and it is strictly associated with local multiplayer but since it has been added to the game, it is going to make it a lot more fun. The Split Screen mode is currently only available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and because it's still new, Epic Game will improve it with time and maybe even PC players might get the feature sometime in the future.

Another small addition with the latest update is that players can now directly view the latest Item Shop on their mobile devices with the Party Hub app. All you have to do is open up the Party Hub app, swipe right, and tap the "Preview Items" button. The daily Item Shop gifting limit has also been increased from 3 to 5 as well and tiny change to the Ammo Indicator has also been made in the latest patch.

Leaked cosmetic items

Since it's "Fortnite's" big winter update of 2019, data miners have already leaked tons of new winter-themed outfits and cosmetic items. Leakers have also managed to uncover a new Chapter 2 snow-covered map that players will probably get to see as the holidays arrive.

The leaked skins include a new variant of the popular Fishstick skin and the Ice Monster from season 9 event is also returning as a new outfit.

Famous "Fortnite" leaker Lucas7yoshi was able to leak a list of new outfits and other cosmetic items. All the new items are listed below:

  • Frozen Fishstick - "Show 'em how fresh frozen can be."
  • Frozen Nog Ops - Bring some chill to the skirmish."
  • The Devourer - "No longer trapped in his icy prison."
  • Kane - "Manic minty monster."
  • Astra - "A constellation of skill and talent."
  • Shiver - "Powered by cold fury."
  • Polar Patroller - "Don't poke the bear."
  • Dolph - "He came to sleigh."
  • Cutiepie - "I hope you've been good this year..."
  • Artica - "Overcoming the frozen cliffs."
  • Frosted Flurry - "Every day's a snow day."
  • Trilogy - "The bold future of battle begins now."
  • Monks - "Send in the monkey."
  • Snow Patroller - "No more Mr. Ice Guy."

Lastly, Lucas has also revealed that Epic Games might introduce some sort of "Annual Pass" for "Fortnite" in the future. The Annual pass leak suggests that there is going to be a Battle Pass that will span for 5-6 seasons and it's definitely going to cost five to six times more than the current Battle Pass.