Destiny 2’s” Season of Dawn is well underway, though it kicked off to a shaky start as Bungie made it's player base aware of the issues that they might encounter before logging in the first time. There’s also a couple of glitches that were recently discovered by players that allowed them to perform infinite supers and another one involving an Exotic bow.

Dynamo disabled

The YouTube channel of glitchtutorial was among the players who came across with these glitches as he uploaded a couple of videos about it. However, the so-called “infinite Chaos Reach super glitch” (Instant Super glitch) has already been patched as Bungie took to Twitter to announce that they’ve disabled the Dynamo Mod.

The developer further explained there was an issue with the mod in question that allowed players to stack up supers at “abnormal speeds.” They went on stating that it will remain disabled until a hotfix can be deployed.

Prior to it getting disabled, using a couple of these Dynamo Mods (alongside some Void class item) will grant players a huge amount of super energy. Warlock players would get their super almost full, though not as much if you’re using a Hunter or Titan. What made it even more broken is that the glitch worked on both PvE and PvP as it irked Guardians who play the latter.

Wish-Ender's DPS

In another video, the YouTuber also pointed out what he believes to be a glitch with the Wish-Ender Exotic Bow.

Per glitchtutorial, the combat bow’s Broadhead perk is currently producing way more damage than the usual. For the uninitiated, the perk allows the arrowhead to inflict damage on the enemy on entry and exit. It’s supposed to add an extra hit actually, but right now it’s adding three more. His short clip clearly shows the bow’s insane power making among the top DPS options in “Destiny 2” as of late.

World First raider Ehroar also took notice of it where he also made a detailed look into it in one of his videos. Thankfully, the glitch only works in PvE. Just imagine how messed up PvP would be if these glitches are working on the said game mode.

Rewards not dropping

Meanwhile, Bungie tweeted out that they’ve also discovered another issue in “Destiny 2” where rewards are not dropping from some sources like Escalation Protocol and Resonate Stems.

The developer even listed the rewards sources that got affected by the bug:

  • Imperials used to upgrade the Chalice are not dropping from some sources.
  • The Pit of Heresy Armor is not dropping from the first few encounters. However, Bungie pointed out that this does not affect the fully masterworked armor piece from dropping at the end of the final encounter.
  • Destination materials are not dropping from secondary sources, such as chests.
  • Resonate Stems are not giving out Override Frequencies, but the Stems are being consumed. The developer recommends not to combine Resonate Stems until they roll out a fix.
  • Escalation Protocol is not rewarding new armor pieces if a player has already all the armor in the past.