The v11.30 patch for "Fortnite Battle Royale" was released on December 12, at 4 AM Eastern Time. This is the biggest Chapter 2 patch as it has brought many new things to the game, massive changes to the in-game island, new items, and a lot of new files that have been added to the game data. Epic Games has once again released brief patch notes, letting players know about the things that have been changed.

Besides the new things that have been added to "Fortnite," the video game developer has fixed several bugs that have affected gameplay in a negative way.

Five items have been brought back to the game, as well, and Epic Games has also added a new item. Furthermore, it seems that everything is ready for the Christmas event, and the good thing is that now players can play together on the same console and at the same time due to the new split-screen feature.

New things that have come to the game

A big part of the "Fortnite Battle Royale" island is now covered by snow, and the snow will keep spreading and cover the entire map before Christmas. Due to this, Epic Games has added the Sneaky Snowman item back in, but now it can deal 80 damage! Players can either throw a snowman and let it be on the ground, or they can break it and turn it into a snowball which deals 80 damage!

Besides the snowman item, four weapons have been unvaulted. Players can now use the Hunting Rifle again, which is a no-scope sniper rifle. It has a 2.5 headshot multiplier, which means it's capable of one-shotting an enemy. However, its base damage is much lower than the base damage of sniper rifles with a scope. Furthermore, the Snowball Launcher has been brought back as well, but it is very likely that this is just a temporary unvaulting as the item may be removed after Christmas.

The Suppressed Assault Rifle (SCAR) has also been brought back to the game. This weapon had been unvaulted shortly before Chapter 2 started, but Epic Games has removed it with the start of the chapter. Finally, players can now use the Tactical Assault Rifle once again. What makes this assault rifle different from the other ones is its ammo, since it uses Light Ammo, but its range and damage drop-off are relatively bad in comparison to the other rifles.

Split-screen feature

The latest patch has also added the split-screen feature for Duos and Squads modes. At the moment, the feature is available on only PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but we can expect it to come to PC and possibly Nintendo Switch in the future. Due to the hardware limitations, frames per second are capped at 30 while using the split-screen feature. The feature is very useful, but it's currently quite bugged and players are hoping that Epic Games improves it soon.