Week 2, of the Fortnite Championship Series, has met with a server issue and this has caused other pro gamers to lose their hard-earned points. Top players like Ninja, Nickmercs, and Nate Hill recently called out Epic Games as they were given the impression that the game maker doesn’t seem to care as to what happened.

Missing points

As mentioned, Ninja, along with his squad, was baffled by the mishap as their 30-point game, which would have placed them high above the ranks, was somewhat lost. While waiting for the issue to be fixed, Ninja said that he didn't understand what was going on and proceeded to call Epic out over on Twitter.

In his tweet, he asked if there was a "statement from Epic somewhere?" and queried whether the first game even counted and whether or not the time was going to be extended, saying, "What the fudge is happening?" He could also be heard saying that he couldn't even fathom that the developer was letting it happen.

He also pointed out the missing 30-point game, in another tweet, adding that other teams got a couple of games and that their points got counted prior to the server issues. The Mixer star went on tweeting that 9/10 zones max distanced to both Sandy and Pleasant when they landed on Docks. Nate Hill did the same as he also asked Epic about the points that they incurred in the first game.

Nickmercs was also hit with the same misfortune and claims to have lost 25 points on their first game.

Nate Hill also said, in his recent live stream, that Epic doesn’t care about “Fortnite’s” competitive scene, claiming that he lost around $200,000 due to problems that he encountered. During his November 9 stream, the above-mentioned misfortune happened while he was playing alongside his team.

The server issue lingered for quite a while that the pro player expressed his ire towards the developer.

He said that issues keep on happening and they (Epic) don’t fix it and don’t care. He also said that he was not even that upset about it as he had already come to terms with it. He went on to say that the biggest slap on the face to any “Fortnite” pro was when the developer took away their points, but not everybody.

He further explained that other teams got to keep their extra game adding that there are 50 of them who got to keep their points.

Epic’s response

Quite a number of “Fortnite” pros have already expressed their frustrations before Epic Games officially addressed the situation.

Per Fortnite Competitive’s latest tweet, their FNCS leaderboard for the second round has been corrected adding the missing points in both NA-E and Brazil regions. It went on announcing that the "new top 25 teams will be advancing to the third round.