"Fortnite: Battle Royale's" latest crossover with "Star Wars" celebrates the release of "Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order" and has brought an Imperial Stormtrooper outfit to the in-game store as well. Ever since the release of the new "Star Wars" game, any "Fortnite" player that has purchased the game from the Epic Games Store will automatically receive the Imperial Stormtrooper outfit for free.

Even though "Fortnite" had introduced different Limited-timed Modes and events for major crossovers in Chapter 1, there's nothing special happening right now that is related to the latest collaboration aside from the massive Star Destroyer that has invaded the battle royale map.

Players can spot the ship on the western side of the map however the ship is located very far from the island so it can be a bit of struggle before you can find it.

Star Wars Event

Players are hoping that the "Fortnite's" latest collaboration turns into something similar to the "Fortnite X Mayhem" cross over. Not only did we get a whole set of new challenges with that collaboration, but "Fortnite" also received new outfits, back bling, and the Pandora location on the map.

A popular rumor suggests that the ship in the sky will move closer and closer to the main island with each passing day and then we might get more in-game content once the ship reaches the island. While some players are waiting for the ship to get closer, other players have decided to try and visit the ship instead and discover what is inside of it.

Popular "Fortnite" YouTuber "Ali-A" successfully reached the Star Destroyer with the help of a few tricks and was able to check it out form up close.

How to reach the Star Destroyer?

It's not possible to reach the ship in regular matches since the build limit of the map restricts players from even reaching halfway to the Star Destroyer however Ali-A was able to reach the ship in creative mode since the Creative Island is located near the main battle royale Island.

After getting eliminated by the invisible "death barrier" a couple of times, Ali-A finally reached the ship. Unfortunately, the ship was just a projection and not a solid object but it does not necessarily mean that the event will not progress in the next few days.

"Fortnite: Battle Royale" Chapter 2 Season 1 has been very dull so far since the only new content that we got was the new map and there have been no new Limited-Time Modes as well.

The current season of "Fortnite" is set to end on 13th December which means that the next season will be a Christmas/Winter themed season just like Season 7. We might see the return of 14 Days of Fortnite events and challenges during that time as well.