Studio Wildcard just rolled out their latest Community Crunch blog post where they teased yet again another item that will be revealed alongside “ARK: Survival Evolved’s” “Genesis” expansion. Also, the developer announced another installment of the game’s Turkey Trial event and detailed the new stuff and perks Survivors can avail of.

Could be a saddle for the Magmasaur

Wildcard got their player base guessing anew with another upcoming “ARK: Genesis” item. Players were quick to point out the leashes on the said mysterious contraption as some of them believe that it could be intended for a three-headed beast.

However, one Survivor may have guessed it right as he commented that the item is a saddle that will be used for the creature known as the Magmasaur. The player further explained that the straps would go to the beast’s multiple spikes/horns and not heads.

For the uninitiated, Studio Wildcard together with the Extra Life charity held a 24-hour livestream earlier this month where they’ve raised over $91,000. During the event, there were milestones that needed to be met and every milestone reached, the developer will be prompted to reveal some tidbits from their “Genesis” DLC. One of them was a 36-second clip of the above-mentioned creature.

The upcoming creature’s description reads, “things are heating up with the Magmasaur in ‘ARK: Genesis.’” “With molten fireball attacks and a fiery internal core, this creature is literally a mobile forge.”

Turkey Trial today

As mentioned, Community Crunch 207 also announced “ARK’s” third Turkey Trial event that will go Live today, November 19 and will go up until Tuesday, December 3.

Per Wildcard, Survivors are able to harvest wishbones to gain new cosmetic items, emotes, and even event-themed undergarments. Super Turkeys are also present during the event and players can hunt or be hunted by these birds.

Breeding, players’ XP, and harvesting rates will all be doubled during Turkey Trial. With that in mind, there will be no Evolution Event rates while the said event is active.

The developer also listed the new items and cosmetics that can be obtained by players during this Thanksgiving event:

  • Pilgrim, Bonnet, and Turkey hats
  • Turkey Leg club and Pitchfork Pike skins
  • A Thanksgiving-inspired Dino Colorization Candy
  • Three sets of event-themed undergarments (tops and bottoms)

As for the emotes, Wildcard will be rolling out the Belly Rub, Hungry, and the Food Coma emotes.

Wild Creature event colors and Prior event skins, creatures, and items were also included in the event.

ARK’s” “Genesis” expansion is one of the game’s biggest expansions as it will be released in two huge DLC packs. At the time of writing, there’s no definite date as to when these game segments will be released, though it was stated that the first part is slated to arrive next month, while the other half will be out in January of 2020.