"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" was released on October 25 and it has received mostly positive reviews so far. While the video game is far from perfect and has its flaws, it is very fun to play and Activision can consider it a success so far. In the first three days of its release, the latest "CoD" game has earned over $600 million, which is the highest-selling game in the franchise during the current console generation.

The video game has already broken several records, including the best digital opening in Activision's history and the best "Call of Duty" launch on a PC platform.

Infinity Ward, the video game developer, will keep adding new features to make the game even more popular. The battle royale game mode has been leaked for "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" and many players are excited about it.

The mode is going to be huge

Reddit user Senescallo has released many details regarding the battle royale mode in "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare." It appears that Activision and Infinity Ward are going to make this mode huge as it is going to have 200 players on the map. The mode is still in development and it could change before its official release, but here is everything we know about it so far.

The battle royale map will consist of some older "Call of Duty" maps, such as Overgrown and Quarry, and some of its zones will be hospital, dam, downtown, TV station, airfield, and more.

The upcoming game mode will have three different playlists (solo, duos, squads), and it suggests that players will be able to fight each other in a pre-game lobby. Additionally, players will have up to 150 health and respawn tokens will be in the game as well. "To respawn a teammate, obtain a Respawn Token, then drop their body near an Ambulance.

Once the body is dropped at the Ambulance, the player will enter the Gulag queue for a chance to win a 1v1 and respawn into the match," is what the Reddit user posted. At some point of the match, the Gulag will be closed, which means players will not be able to respawn anymore. After they are back to the game, they will have to locate and activate a mobile armory to retrieve their loadouts.

Missions, loot, and more

"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" will be able to complete certain missions while playing the battle royale game mode. These missions will include assassinating specific players, collecting scavenger crates, capturing domination points, and more.

Similar to "Apex Legends," one player will be a jumpmaster in the multi-player modes. The jumpmaster can select a landing spot prior to the match or discard the role and have another player take it. The loot will also be similar to "Apex Legends" and "Fortnite Battle Royale" as players will be able to pick up items of five different colors/rarities: white, green, blue, purple, and gold. Inventory space will be limited and players will not be able to carry two of the same weapons.

There will be two types of armor, helmets and ballistic vests. Vests absorb damage while helmets reduce headshot damage. In addition, maximum levels of these armor items provide players with extra perks.

It is important to note that it is currently unknown whether this game mode will be added to the video game for everyone or it will be a DLC. Considering that Activision is behind the popular game, it won't be surprising if players have to pay for the upcoming mode. However, the good thing is that the mode sounds very fun and it could be a huge success if it's all done properly.