"Fortnite: Battle Royale" is known for creating a storm of hype whenever a new feature, item, event, or an outfit is leaked and since there are hundreds of active leakers and data miners that go through the new game files with each update, it's highly likely that someone will find some secret content that Epic Games does not want to show to its player base just yet.

Ever since the release of "Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 1," Epic Games has stopped releasing patch notes with each update, so it's also one of the many reasons why data miners are motivated to search in the game files for all the new changes made with each update.

A recent leak has revealed that Epic Games might be releasing a new St. Patrick's day outfit.

Male Sgt. Green Clover skin leaked

The leaked skin was first found by Guille_GAG and PlatBuilds and later on a popular data miner, "HYPEX" shared the image of what looks like a loading screen. The new outfit was found in the Creative Mode of "Fortnite" as a thumbnail for a new Featured Island and it looks like a male version of the Sgt. Green Clover skin.

A quick glance at the leaked image shows a leprechaun looking character complete with a red beard. This outfit is definitely going to be a rare skin in terms of its item shop appearance frequency because the original Sgt. Green Clover skin, which was first released on St.

Patrick's Day in 2018, was last seen in the item shop on St. Patrick's Day of this year.

There are still months left until the next St. Patrick's Day and we might see the leaked outfit in the item shop in March 2020 but considering that "Fortnite" has been bringing back a lot of "OG" outfits recently, there's also a chance that Epic Games might bring Sgt.

Green Clover skin along with the new skin as a male variant.

'Fortnite' update postponed

The update for "Fortnite" that was scheduled to be released today (12 November) at 4 AM ET has been postponed. Patch v11.11 was set to bring new content for Save the World as well as address some issues in all game modes of "Fortnite: Battle Royale."

Epic Games has not provided any reason for the delay of the patch and the next release date for update v11.11 is still unknown.

A lot of bugs have started to appear in "Fortnite: Battle Royale" ever since the new season went live and some recent game-breaking bugs include:

  • The Bandage Bazooka syncing issue
  • Wrath Challenges inadvertently displaying a countdown timer
  • Players respawning in Team Rumble mode with only 1 HP
  • Unable to select Traps with a controller

While the next patch might mostly focus on bug fixes for the Battle Royale mode, the "Save the World" mode is getting new content and it's good to see that Epic has started to give it more attention because the Battle Royale mode has often overshadowed it due to its popularity.