Numerous glitches have been discovered in “Fortnite: Battle Royale” and some of them are too overpowered so they compromise gameplay. A couple of these glitches were recently discovered where one makes use of the boat in the game while the other involves the use of traps.

Glitch King – a YouTuber who has a penchant for discovering glitches and exploits in games uploaded a video detailing how the above-mentioned glitches are done. The first thing on the list is what he calls an invisibility glitch.

The invisibility glitch

To replicate this, you must hop into the boat and pull off your ethernet cable.

Next, is to keep boosting with the boat for the next 20-40 seconds. After several boosts using the boat, plug back in the internet cable. Per the YouTuber, the glitch has been triggered if you’re no longer able to move unless you perform the boost using the boat.

The YouTuber even showed how OP the glitch/exploit is as he fired away towards unknowing opponents. However, there are some who are a bit skeptical about the clip, commenting that those players that got rained down on with rockets are just “paid actors.” At the time of writing, Epic Games has yet to address this emerging issue.

The double trap

Another glitch that was featured is the so-called double trap glitch. To do this, players must build a box, place a pyramid and go to the corner of the box.

Next, is to make the character look at the middle, repeatedly press the place trap button, and voila, traps on both sides. Just like the invisibility glitch this too hasn’t been addressed by Epic yet.

The alleged attack on ‘Fortnite’ servers

A couple of days ago, players have reported that “Fortnite: BR” had suffered some server outages and it was believed to have been caused by an apparent hack.

This resulted in players not being able to jump into a match.

Dexerto noted that well-known players like Jaomock and SypherPK have brought the issue to light as the latter said, “attention all ‘Fortnite’ gamers, the game is under attack and needs your help.” With that in mind, it may well seem that the hacker collective dubbed the Lizard Squad did the apparent attack as they recently took to Twitter to claim such a thing.

Players even posted screenshots of the error message that they received while the game is down.

The publication added that albeit the reports that were coming on that day (November 9), Epic Games’ server status tracker wasn’t able to detect the said attack. This got the “Fortnite” player base scratching their heads. However, this so-called attack did not last that long and the alleged hackers made a follow-up tweet commending the developer’s security team. Part of their tweet reads, "we can't beat these guys."