PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” developer PUBG Corp. recently rolled out a new game update where it implemented several bug fixes in the game and introduced a new content. Eagle-eyed dataminers, on the other hand, may have stumbled upon something interesting that stuff that could be added into the battle royale shooter.

If known “PUBG” leaker PlayerIGN’s posts are anything to go by, it may well seem that the game’s PC version could be getting a clan system. The dataminer managed to gather several images of these alleged leaks alongside some additional information about this yet to be confirmed feature.

Clan system details

Per PlayerIGN’s tweet, creating a clan will cost players 5,000 BPs (which is a pretty steep price) and this can accommodate up to 20 members. The “PUBG” community speculates that this feature may be connected to the game’s upcoming ranked mode. Other details that were noted by the dataminer include:

  • Clan names are limited to two to 15 characters
  • Tags of just two to four characters
  • Slogan will not exceed 30 characters
  • A so-called presentation not exceeding to 180 characters
  • Dataminer even noted “recruits” and “resume”

The last bullet is still unclear, though Eurogamer believes that the game’s clan system might require members to somewhat submit their resumes/stats in hopes of being selected by their chosen clan.

Provided that the leaks fit in the bag, it’s still not yet certain as to when the clan system would go live in the game.

For the uninitiated, the developer introduced the clan system in “PUBG’s” mobile version back in 2018. It would be interesting to see how PC players would react to this feature once it gets added into the game.

‘PUBG Mobile’ 0.15.5 update

Meanwhile, “PUBG Mobile” recently got its 0.15.5 update where it granted its player base access to its Royale Pass Season 10 alongside some limited-time perks.

An interesting part of the patch is that players can now give the said Royale Pass as a gift to fellow mobile players.

The latest update also brought in a new Team Deathmatch-exclusive map dubbed the Ruins. The description, reads, “mysterious ancient ruins hidden in a rainforest. With dense vegetation and winding paths, it’s up to the players to go head-to-head with enemies, or work together to set up a stronghold.”

A new weapon was also added to the game. The MP5K is a portable SMG that can only be found in Vikendi. The new weapon has replaced another SMG - the Vector and it has a high rate of fire at 900 RPM with anti-recoil capabilities. The MP5K has a base damage of 33 and can be equipped with all attachments (Foregrips, Laser Sights, Mags, Scopes, and Tactical Stock.)