Dataminers have previously leaked the arrival of Labs in “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” and such early intel is pretty much spot-on. PUBG Corp officially announced a new feature called PUBG Labs. In their latest blog post, the developer detailed how the new content will work, including Skill Based Rating.


According to the developer, Labs will explore different experimental settings, modes, and features within the live client in a special new section of the outgame menu. The further explained that they will be rolling out what they call test content in the Labs menu for the “PUBG” community to check out.

They also made it clear that this new feature will not replace the game’s Test Server as this will still be used for normal content updates.

Skill Based Rating explained

PUBG Corp. then revealed Labs’ upcoming project which is Skill Based Rating. The devs stated that it’s a way for other players who “want to put a little bit more on the line in order to prove themselves.” They also pointed out that the ranking system may not be preferred by other players, that’s why it will be introduced as opt-in. This means that players will not be tracked nor earn ratings unless they click the system’s opt-in button. Otherwise, their games will be tracked for the entire duration of the Skill Based Rating experiment.

For those who would like to participate in the experiment, the devs noted that they will be collecting data from all queues and perspectives, though this will not be the case in future Labs. After finishing five placement matches, players/participants will be placed into one of the six tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond/Master.

The developer also explained as to how ranking up would work on Skill Based Rating. According to them, they will be checking on these metrics after players are done with their matches:

  • The player’s placement
  • The total amount of kills on enemy players during the match
  • Enemy rating
  • RP Update

After the experiment, the devs will give a week of grace period for participants to check out their final ratings alongside some questionnaires about their experience with the system.

They will then gather the data as a reference for future versions of the rating system. They also highlighted that the rating incurred by the participants during the experiment will not be added to any rating systems that they may roll out in the future.

Prior to the PUBG Corp’s announcement, known dataminer PlayerIGN previously tweeted that a so-called clan system for PC could be in the works and even mentioned the developer could be working on a new ranking system. There was also a part in the tweet where the leaker mentioned the words “recruits” and “résumés” and speculated that the yet to be confirmed clan feature might require players to submit their stats to their preferred clan.