Fortnite: There’s an age-old saying that a dog is man’s best friend and it’s disheartening to know that there are folks out there who would inflict harm to them. The following is just one of those stories as a “Fortnite” player has been called out for allegedly hitting and choking his pet dog.

The video and the animal abuse allegations

Twitch streamer known as kryptixelitetv is under fire as lately after a clip of him started making rounds online showing him allegedly abusing his dog. This came after many people believed that the streamer lost a match in “Fortnite.” It’s a bit of a challenge in figuring out what he’s doing with his pet in the video, though many who watched it are accusing the streamer of inflicting harm to the dog.

He has since deactivated his Twitter and his other social media accounts after the incident. However, kryptix managed to tweet out a response to this issue and folks of the interweb took a screenshot of the tweets.

Kryptixelitetv’s response regarding the accusations

According to kryptix, he claims that his dog was choking on the stuffing of the pillow and admitted that he did grab his pet up and pulled out some pillow stuffing from the dog’s mouth. He further explained that he grabbed his pet yet again and put his hand in the dog's throat.

He also addressed the whimpering sound created by the dog during the incident. He stated that it was just his hand that went in and out of his pet’s mouth and finally it was able to fully breathe.

He also pointed out that the video is not the best of quality for viewers to figure out what was pulled from the dog’s mouth. Further, he also stated that the clip made it look like he was beating his pet which, according to him, that he wasn’t.

Keemstar’s two cents

Despite his defense, the people who watched the video are not buying it.

Some of them even called the attention of YouTuber Keemstar to expose the streamer. The DramaAlert host tweeted out, however, that it’s quite difficult for him to make out if kryptix was indeed abusing or disciplining his dog for eating the pillow stuffing and trying to stop the canine from choking. He then made it clear that it’s not how he would treat his pets.

In his follow-up tweet, Keemstar pointed out the part of the video where the streamer is pulling away the pillow stuffing, adding that it can choke and be fatal to dogs. He went on, stating that kryptix did hit his pet, though the intention in his opinion is to get the dog to stop eating the pillow.

Another YouTuber known as TheQuartering also took notice of the situation, though he stated in his tweet that he can’t cover it on his channel. However, he called out the “Fortnite” player, saying that he’s interested in buying the dog from him.