The recent content update in “Fortnite: Battle Royale” has officially introduced a new item in the game known as the Zapper Trap. Just days from being released, however, a player came across with an exploit using the new consumable that prompted Epic Games to address the said glitch.

Zapper Trap exploit

Reddit user and Twitch streamer Scifearious recently took to r/FortNiteBR to show what he just discovered while using the Zapper Trap. According to the streamer, he was able to get an unlimited shield using the new consumable. He even uploaded the video on his YouTube channel showing how the glitch is done.

The minute-long clip shows that the trick can be done inside Retail Row where the player threw a couple of Zapper Traps near a Fiend spawn beacon and immediately left the Rift Zone. It is expected that the Fiends will instantly get zapped as soon as they pop out from the spawn beacon. What made it interesting is that despite leaving Retail Row, Scifearious continues to receive shield health. It may well seem that the Fiends does not attack the Zapper Traps that were placed, hence, the unlimited shield bonus.

The Twitch streamer’s Reddit post gained some traction that “Fortnite” developer Epic Games took notice of it. The game maker commended the OP for stumbling upon the glitch adding that they are aware of the Fiends when they are outside the Retail Row POI.

They pointed out, however, that they are still figuring out as to why they aren’t attacking the Zapper Traps that Scifearious traps consistently.

“Fortnite” players are well-acquainted that the Zapper Trap was met with some issues as soon as it went live in the game. This made Epic disable the consumable as they further investigate an issue of “kicking players from matches.”

For the uninitiated, the consumable is basically an electric trap that can be thrown towards a structure and it will latch itself on both sides of a certain build.

This will shock opponents who are within a tile of their face. After the traps have activated, it will have a cooldown of two seconds before they can be triggered again.

At the time of writing, Epic has yet to roll out a hotfix for this new game-breaking exploit. In the meantime, players might want to try it out themselves before it gets patched.

Vaulted shotty

Meanwhile, the developer recently released a hotfix (v10.20.2) that brought in several changes in-game. The patch also vaulted some weapons in the game and one of them is the Combat Shotgun. This gained mixed reactions from the “Fortnite” community, though a lot of them were delighted about this change. A good example is the exchange of tweets between Bizzle (@Ghost_Bizzle) and Ninja (@Ninja) to which the latter roasted the former in one of his responses.