A few weeks ago, someone from Reddit made a post claiming that he just figured out the front store page of “Destiny 2’s” Eververse for the Season of Opulence. The same data miner is back at it again and posted Tess Everiss’ stocks for weeks 16 and 17 alongside how Bright Dust items are selected.

Tess’ merch this season

Reddit user u/JpDeathBlade took to r/DestinyTheGame to reveal that the stocks for the Eververse have been updated now that the Shadowkeep DLC’s release date has been pushed to October 1. As mentioned above, the OP also stated that he finally cracked the code as to how the Bright Dust page on Tess’ store works.

So far, his predictions have been hitting the spot and it’s likely that his latest datamined information will also do the same.

Week 11-17 merch

He even provided links that show the entire roster of the Eververse’s merch for that specific week:

Week 11 (August 13)

  • Flag on the Play (emote)
  • Mirror Mirror (emote)
  • Bouy shell (Ghost shell)
  • Micro Mini (Sparrow)
  • Hip Bump (multiplayer emote)

Week 12 (August 20)

  • Paperwork (emote)
  • Sweeping (emote)

Week 13 (August 27 – the Solstice event has ended)

  • Intrepid Inquiry Boots (Legendary leg armor for Warlocks)
  • Stylish Sit (emote)
  • Solar shell (Ghost shell)

Week 14 (September 3)

  • Ronin (weapon ornament for Izanagi’s Burden)
  • You Go Ahead (emote)
  • Kitbash shell (Ghost shell)

Week 15 (September 10)

  • Mirror Mirror
  • Queen of Hearts (ship)

*The ship is a “Forsaken” pre-order bonus meaning players won’t be able to pull it out from Collections if they don’t have the license.

Week 16 (September 17)

  • Time Out (emote)
  • Drop Pod shell (Ghost shell)

Week 17 (September 24 – Final week)

  • But You (emote)
  • Giddy Laugh (emote)
  • Treacherous Projection (Ghost projection)
  • Electromag Stabilizers (Warlock ornament for the Geomag Stabilizers)
  • Bayle’s Aerodyne (ship)

According to the data miner, Tess will be offering six slots of items each week that she sells for Silver.

He further explained that those will be set as “categories” on the vendor alongside the labels “categories.featured.weekly.slot#” with the “#” symbol to be replaced with numbers between zero to five. The Best of Year One Engram will always be designated on the sixth slot while the remaining five slots will be Eververse items.

He went on, stating that the categories are in order which means that it can now be determined what Tess will be offering throughout the Season of Opulence, adding that it will also work with Bright Dust items that are found on the front page (other BD pages have been figured out). Down in the comments, he even posted a link showing the list of the in-game items that will not be sold for Bright Dust.