Destiny 2’s” Solstice of Heroes event has just wrapped up and its player base is all hyped about the game’s “Shadowkeep” expansion that will be launched in a month. While waiting, Bungie has been addressing several concerns of their community as these have something to do with the game’s Enhancement Cores, the Sunshot and the MIDA Catalyst.

Dismantling cores individually

As mentioned, Dmg recently took to the Destiny subreddit to reveal that they’ve been working on a feature that would allow their players to dismantle their core’s individually, as opposed to the entire stack.

This after a Reddit user stated in his post that an oopsie cost him his months' worth (270 in total) of cores while he’s trying to activate a Finest Matterweave. The OP is also frustrated with the fact that they can only delete one shader at a time while his slip-up only took him a few seconds to wipe out his stack of Enhancement Cores. The community manager, pointed out, however, that it might change if the dev team comes across with bugs/issues along the way.

On Sunshot and MIDA Catalyst

Meanwhile, a player over on Bungie Forums requested to the developer to make the Sunshot Exotic hand cannon great again as he further explained that the weapon’s damage “is average while having a low magazine size of eight while being a 150 arch.” The OP went on to point out that many Exotics have already outshone the weapon and there are even other legendary hand cannons that are better than it.

As for Dmg’s response, he stated that the dev team is currently working on several quality of life improvements in “Destiny 2’s” Sandbox in preparation for “Shadowkeep.” He then revealed that the Exotic’s mag size will be included in the said QoL changes.

Another player on the forums suggested to change MIDA’s Catalyst requirement and requested to have it moved to regular PvP rather than to the very top of competitive.

Dmg replied that come “Shadowkeep,” “D2’s” Competitive Playlist will be getting some changes that would eventually make the Catalyst more accessible.

AFK was also addressed by Dmg as a player from the forums brought it to light stating that the said method is being done in almost all of the activities in “Destiny 2.” The OP even pointed out that the worst AFK instances can be found within Gambit where it comes to a point that making any effort will be pointless.

Dmg assured the OP that the feedback will be passed along adding that AFK players negatively impact both gameplay and other players. He went on stating that “Destiny 2” already has protection against such practice and players who are doing it will not be getting any rewards if they’re idle and ultimately be kicked out from matches.