The BRUTE finally got the attention of Epic Games. They eventually heeded the call from their player base as they rolled out some sweeping changes to “Fortnite: Battle Royale’s” infamous BRUTEs. Prior to this, however, Mixer’s new face, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins had enough of the now nerfed mech suit. In fact, he considered playing Mojang’s equally popular sandbox game - “Minecraft.”

Ninja on playing ‘Minecraft’

A few days before the BRUTEs got nerfed, Ninja had a livestream where he could be seen using a mech and went on to bag a Victory Royale. He’s not quite happy though with the win knowing how powerful the suits are with no way to counter its barrage of attacks.

Ninja then read a tweet from YouTuber Typical Gamer about “Minecraft” and this started the discussion about the game. He said that there’s not an ounce of him that is excited about watching TG’s “Minecraft“ video, though he made it clear that he has nothing against the YouTube gamer. He added, “I don’t know man, I got to dive into it maybe and then I'll be like, yo dude I wanna watch that, I wanna do that.” He even hinted at the possibility of building an empire in “Minecraft” for the next month and went on asking another well-known streamer TimTheTatman to join him if he decided to play it.

Asking his fans

Over on Twitter, he even asked his followers why they like “Minecraft” and got a ton of answers from both fans and popular folks on the web.

One of them is fellow “Fortnite” streamer Myth (@TSM_Myth) who stated that game follows a linear path of progression, but also lets players set and accomplish their own goals. He went on, stating that it always feels rewarding whenever a task has been accomplished.

As for Tom (@ProSyndicate), it's a game where players can just step back and look at the amazing things they’ve crafted from scratch.

He added that he also likes both the” Minecraft” mods and its game modes.

‘Please do’

Even Mrs. Blevins (@JessicaBlevins) herself conducted a survey asking her husband’s fans if they want to see him playing “Minecraft” and from over 180,000 respondents, 67 percent of them are in favor of the Mixer streamer playing the game.

That said, it’s not yet certain, however, if Ninja will be pushing through with it, though it would be nice seeing him trying out something new other than BR shooters.

As mentioned, the BRUTEs in “Fortnite” BR were nerfed (finally), and details of these huge changes are posted on Epic’s latest blog. The developer also announced that they’ve temporarily disabled the new Junk Rifts from all of the game’s Arena playlists “due to an audio issue caused when the portal is significantly higher than a player.” The developer added that the item will be kept on the sidelines until the game’s v10.20 update.