Fortnite” players are pretty much aware by now about the recent content update for V10.00 that officially introduced the no-build point of interest – Tilted Town. Players were expectant that the update would finally bring in some much-needed nerf to the Titanfall-ish addition to the game that is the B.R.U.T.E. Sadly, that didn’t happen. This has disappointed players even more and well-known streamers are now considering playing other games as a form of protest.

Games other than Fortnite

Reddit user u/friendshipfudge recently took to r/FortniteCompetitive to show what the game’s popular streamers think of the overpowered mech.

The short clip shows TimTheTatman talking to fellow streamers Ninja and Dr. Lupo as they discuss about Epic Games adding B.R.U.T.E.s in the game.

Per the minute-long video, it can be heard Tim saying, “I just can’t believe they (Epic) put them in this game.” Ninja’s voice can then be heard mentioning about “PUBG” as he said that he’s down to playing Bluehole’s battle royale shooter. Dr. Lupo, on the other hand, jokingly said to chat that a “Destiny 1” is inbound.

Took the first step

In his latest stream, it looks like Lupo took the first step as he played “PUBG” for a couple of hours.

Prior to this, he took to Twitter to give his fans a heads up that he won’t be playing “Fortnite” that evening adding that he’d rather not get stomped on by those mechs for a little bit. He even went on hinting at the possibility of playing “Apex Legends” on his next stream.

Tfue and Bugha too

Equally massive “Fortnite” content creators have previously expressed their ire about the B.R.U.T.E. A few days ago, Tfue went on a rant after the oversized walking tin can caused his game to crash.

He said that he hates everything about those mechs and even made a shout out to Epic to remove it from the game as he pointed out that the B.R.U.T.E.s don’t do anything positive.

The Fortnite World Cup solos champion Kyle 'Bugha' Giersdorf also expressed his frustration towards the mech in his stream a few days ago. Per Dexerto, he was playing trios alongside Faze’s Danny “Dubs” Walsh and Timothy “Bizzle” Miller. All was doing fine until they came across an opponent donning a B.R.U.T.E. that wrecked their builds with ease. It can be seen on the video that mech continued to pummel them with rockets and ultimately eliminating the champ by stomping him. Bugha can also be heard saying that he’ll never play the game and told Epic to remove the mech immediately.

Nerf soon?

Meanwhile, another Reddit user claims to have emailed Epic Games about B.R.U.T.E.s and got a response from the developer. U/Some_Cheese even posted a screenshot of the email where it stated that the mech will soon be nerfed due to the negative feedback they’ve been getting. It was also mentioned that the robot suit might also be removed from competitive modes.