wildlife officials are unable to establish why some panthers and bobcats are stumbling and falling. Three counties in florida have observed this problem and it appears to have links with their hind legs. The animals are walking abnormally and the hind legs are not supporting their weight. This is evident from trail footage retrieved from the west coast of southern Florida. These Endangered Species could have become victims of some hitherto unknown disease.

NBC News reports that the agency in Florida looking after fish and wildlife conservation has confirmed the presence of “neurological damage in one panther and one bobcat” in addition, video footage from three counties show a number of the animals displaying different degrees of instability in their legs.

Most of the panthers affected are kittens and the bobcat is an adult. The officials are comparing the video footage with observations from other areas to establish the reason because the panthers are in the category of endangered species. In the opinion of officials, the problem could be linked with some local issues.

Mystery surrounds the panthers

A senior official of the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute in Florida explained that even though the number of panthers displaying these symptoms is small, the authorities are not taking it lightly.

They have eliminated a number of diseases and possible causes and have come up against a dead wall.

NBC News says the condition could relate to toxins, including rat poison. It could also be due to infectious diseases and nutritional deficiencies.

The cause continues to elude the specialists and remains a mystery. It is now a global issue and experts from around the world are engaged in the exercise. The problem must be resolved as a priority since the number of adult panthers, unique to Florida, is slightly more than 200.

Panthers in Florida have walking problems

According to Sky News, panthers are native to Florida and belong to the category of endangered species with hardly 120 to 230 adults surviving.

These animals are suffering from a mysterious physical disorder that is affecting their ability to walk. Experts are analyzing video footage that shows the animals struggling to walk. The problem appears to be with their rear legs that are not able to support their weight.

It is not a case of man-animal conflict but something more serious and needs thorough investigation. There is rampant use of chemicals by farmers and these could have led to the crippling effect in the animals. The authorities now examine the matter in details and take necessary precautions to ensure the safety of these animals. This is all the more important since their numbers are critical. No one would like to remember the panther as a species that used to inhabit Florida.