Many "Fortnite" players were expecting a complete map change with the release of the latest season, but only a single major location and a giant meteor were brought to the game in the latest update. Even though there aren't many new locations on the map, the unstable time travel theme of the tenth season hints that players will see elder (and possibly new) locations as the season progresses.

In the Battle Pass overview trailer, the developers have said that there will be changes to the map every couple of days and some new leaks suggest that it might be true after all.

Players who started playing "Fortnite: Battle Royale" before season 9 are probably familiar with "Tilted Towers," which was one of the most populated areas of the map, that got destroyed at the end of season 8 after a giant rock from the Volcano struck it. The location went through a complete revamp after its destruction and it is currently known as "NEO Tilted."

Return of Tilted Towers

Since the release of the latest season, data miners have been working hard to sniff out some new information, regarding the future map changes, and it seems like they have succeeded in doing so. Famous "Fortnite" leaker FortTory has revealed that NEO Tilted will go through a major change, again, and this time it is going to be called "Tilted Town." As the name suggests, the major point of interest will travel to the past due to the interference of the Orb.

Tilted Town will be a Western-inspired location, which means that there might not be tall structures at the place anymore. The audio files, leaked from the game files after the latest update, further confirm that the new site is indeed going to be a western-themed location and similar to Loot Lake, the area might be covered by a dome of low gravity area.

The data miner also shared screenshots of the models from Tilted Town and it looks like a structure, similar to the western-themed saloon, will be coming to "Fortnite." There's also a minimap view of the buildings in the new point of interest.

Tilted Town in-game footage

Data miner FortTory was able to render the models in the game and has uploaded footage that shows how the Tilted Town is going to look like in the game. The footage shows that the site might keep the large structures when transitioning to the past however elements like watermill, carriages, and wood bridges will be present at the same time. Here's the clip:

This huge change might finally make up for the little disappointment that "Fortnite" had caused at the time of the release of the season and this season's event might be even huge considering that the meteor is slowly falling towards Dusty Depot.