Epic Games hasn't released many map changes to "Fortnite Battle Royale" at the start of Season X. The video game developer has added Dusty Depot back to the island, as well as the meteor point of interest. While there have been some other bigger changes, such as the monster skeleton, most of the changes have been subtle and Epic Games has used them to hint at what's coming to the game in the future.

Neo Tilted, the point of interest that was added in Season 9 and that replaced Tilted Towers, is still on the island. It is still powered by the energy from the Loot Lake orb, but that energy may soon be depleted.

Considering that Neo Tilted is a futuristic area, it doesn't quite fit the narrative of the current season, which is the return to the past. Data miners have discovered that Neo Tilted will be replaced by another point of interest later in the season, and it will look completely different than both the current area and Tilted Towers.

The new area will not be futuristic

The new area that will be released to "Fortnite Battle Royale" is called Tilted Town and it will take the place back in time. Tilted Towers was originally released in Season 2 and it had been in the game until Season 9 when it was replaced by Neo Tilted. Many players preferred the original area, which could be the reason why Epic Games will change it once again.

"Fortnite Battle Royale" data miner FortTory has found some interesting files in the game data which indicate that Neo Tilted will soon be replaced with Tilted Town. The data miner has also found images of this area, and it looks like the new point of interest will be a Western-inspired location which is set in the past.

Tilted Towers was known for its tall buildings and it was the most popular landing spot in the game before it was removed.

Considering that it is going back to the past, we most likely won't see any tall buildings or skyscrapers anymore, but it should still remain a popular landing spot that gives players a lot of loot.

The first look at the new area

FortTory has added Tilted Town to "Fortnite Battle Royale" to show the community what this area is going to look like.

Unfortunately, the data miner hasn't been able to add new buildings to the area, which is something he is currently working on. You can see the sneak peek of the new area in the video below.

As you can see, there are still modern buildings, but they will be removed and replaced with older buildings. The video simply gives us the idea of what the new point of interest is going to look like, and it is important to note that the area could be changed by Epic Games before it comes out. At the moment, the release date of Tilted Town is unknown, but it could come in the second half of Season X.