"Fortnite: Battle Royale" is currently in its tenth season which is titled as "Season X" and it's all about the entangled timeline and going back to the past. The battle island is doomed to destruction again with the looming meteor in the sky, but this time, an unknown force has slowed the meteor in mid-air. There has been a lot of discussion about who this "Unknown" force is. Players found a pod in the meteor and numerous hints in Dusty Depot leading to the conclusion that it is none other than The Visitor and on 24th August, the official "Fortnite" social media handle revealed that it is indeed The Visitor.

The Visitor is connected to all events

If you have been playing "Fortnite" since the start, you must've noticed that the lore of "Fortnite" (which doesn't really make sense) has been a domino effect and that the first arrival of The Visitor was the starting point of this effect. The Visitor is a "Fortnite: Battle Royale" cosmetic item that could be unlocked by completing Season 4 Blockbuster challenges and made his debut with the first in season 3 with the crash of the meteor.

The Visitor launched the Rocket in season 4 which introduced Rifts to the game and ended up opening a gigantic rift in the sky. The Rift spawned "Kevin the Cube" in the desert and was finally closed. The Cube created seven runes and fell into Loot Lake marking the end of season 5.

In season 6, the Cube was reactivated and it was revealed that it had been attached to the Island in the middle of Loot Lake which caused the Butterfly event. The butterfly event was linked to the power source which caused the time warps in Season X.

This season, The Visitor managed to get out of the Meteor before the impact and he has been setting up Rift Beacons on different locations on the map.

The new image also reveals that it was The Visitor who created the controversial B.R.U.T.Es this season.

Dusty Depot Event

Dusty Depot made a return to the game in the Season X after it was destroyed by the meteor and The Visitor has been living in one of the warehouses since the start of this season.

A new teaser has revealed that "Fortnite's" next big event is going to take place in Dusty Depot. Epic Games' Creative Director Donald Mustard recently changed his Twitter location to "Dusty" which hints that something big is about to happen there as season X approaches its end. In the past, Donald revealed other big events on his Twitter account location so there's definitely a big event happening soon.

For now, a new Rift Beacon has appeared in the desert biome of "Fortnite" and just like most of the other Rift Zones, players might see the return of Moisty Mires considering that the sign near Paradise Palms has also changed and now it shows one of the Moisty Mire's trees.